Issue #254 // May 29, 2015

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John Nash Has Died //nj comments

Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat //quirksmode comments

Rearchitecting GitHub Pages //githubengineering comments

Stalking Your Friends with Facebook Messenger //medium comments

When will we stop using Facebook? //thepinchandzoom comments

Why I Sold My Company and Didn't Tell Anyone for a Year //amitgupta comments

Enterprise Sales Guide: The Process of Selling Enterprise Software Demystified //enterprisesales comments

Why investors don’t fund dating //andrewchen comments

Organizational debt is like technical debt, but worse //steveblank comments

What I’m Teaching my Son about Money //mrmoneymustache comments


Where can I buy real software companies? //ycombinator

What are your recommended reads that are available for free? //ycombinator


The Hacker Shelf: Collection of free books for the intellectually curious //hackershelf comments

Visa Explorer – Salaries, lawyers, companies of all H-1B in the USA //jobsintech comments

Jump – Experiences like you're actually there //google comments

Submit.co – Where to get press coverage for your startup //submit comments

Compass that points you to a photo's EXIF location //getphotofind comments

Me API – turn yourself into an open API //github comments


Rust for Python Programmers //pocoo comments

An Isomorphic JavaScript Framework Faster Than React //jsblocks comments

How we spent two days making Perl faster //booking comments

The responsibility we have as software engineers //benlog comments

Using logs to build a solid data infrastructure //confluent comments


Solved by Flexbox //github comments

Roboto: Google’s signature font is now open source //google-opensource comments

Google Design //google comments

Typedetail.com – featuring Apple's new typeface San Francisco //typedetail comments

Text-only NPR //npr comments


Accounting for Developers //google comments

Is there such a thing as half a derivative? //askamathematician comments


Mastering Emacs //masteringemacs comments

Rust Programming Language Book //rust-lang comments

The Restful CookBook //restcookbook comments


P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo //youtube comments

Google I/O 2015 – Keynote //youtube comments

Mr. Rogers Introduces Kids to Experimental Electronic Music (1968) //openculture comments


Reid Hoffman on the relationship between employers and employees //vox comments

How to Make an Open Plan Office Suck Less //mattblodgett comments


Silk //weavesilk comments

An old rotary phone converted into a mobile phone //stavros comments

Abandoned: The Rise, Fall and Decay of Disney’s River Country //themeparktourist comments

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