Issue #256 // June 12, 2015

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Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but... //twitter comments

What Is Code? //bloomberg comments

Autopsy: Lessons from Failed Startups //autopsy comments

A Constructive Look at TempleOS //codersnotes comments

How to undo almost anything with Git //github comments

The Making of Lemmings //readonlymemory comments

Clojure by Example //github comments

If I Knew Then //hbs1963 comments

Deterministic Pixels //darrennewton comments

Critters with neural net brains coevolve to survive killer planks in JS //otoro comments


How to reskill without losing income? //ycombinator

What is the most mind blowing book you've ever read? //ycombinator


Universal Pause Button //github comments

JavaScript Cold War simulation //simonswain comments

Paw: The ultimate REST client for Mac //luckymarmot comments

June Intelligent Oven //juneoven comments

Gulp AWS Splash, an Open-Source LaunchRock Alternative //github comments

Goalie – A habit tracker //google comments

Roost laptop stand //kickstarter


Open-sourcing Facebook Infer: Identify bugs before you ship //facebook comments

Crystal Language //crystal-lang comments

Trine – A utility library for functional programming in JavaScript //github comments

LispyScript //lispyscript comments

How We Moved Our API From Ruby to Go //parse comments

Deepstream.io – A scalable server for realtime webapps //deepstream comments


How Google Got Design //fastcodesign comments

The State of SVG Animation //adobe comments


Taarof //wikipedia comments

The Machard Knot and its 16-year-old inventor //summitpost comments

Emperor Norton //wikipedia comments


Learn Swift //aidanf comments

Docker Jumpstart //github comments

Getting Things Done – Revised 2015 //gettingthingsdone comments

Get a Packt Pub book a day for free //github comments


Pixel City – Procedurally generated city (2009) //youtube comments

TempleOS: FlightSim and FirstPersonShooter //youtube comments

19 days to build a 57-storey tower //bbc comments

Going Beyond Code to Become a Better Programmer //fogcreek comments

Full Scale Simulation of SpaceX's Mars Rocket Engine //gputechconf comments


Placebo Button //placebobutton comments

Paris Metro lines on a Git graph //github comments

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