Issue #257 // June 19, 2015

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Philae comet lander wakes up //bbc comments

How Naughty Dog Fit Crash Bandicoot into 2MB of RAM on the PS1 //quora comments

U.S. Tech Funding – What’s Going On? //a16z comments

The Art of Command Line //github comments

I Do Not Agree to Your Terms //mikeash comments

Early vs. Beginning Coders //zedshaw comments

Financial Indicators for Startups at Different Stages //mattermark comments

Software engineering blogs //github comments

Choose Shipping Over Using the Latest Shiny Framework //shoganai comments


NixOS Linux //nixos comments

Retroospect – How was your work week? //retroospect comments

Introducing Empire: A Self-Hosted PaaS Built on Docker and Amazon ECS //remind comments

Readlang – Learn a language while you surf the web //readlang comments

Projects the Hard Way – Coding Projects for Early Coders //projectsthehardway comments

A DOM text-selection highlight renderer //github comments

Cloudstitch – Build and share spreadsheet-powered web content //cloudstitch comments

Macaw Scarlet – Live Design Environment //macaw comments


How to receive a million packets per second //cloudflare comments

Dynamics.js, a JavaScript library to create physics-based animations //dynamicsjs comments

PurifyCSS – Remove unused CSS //github comments

Bling – the $ of jQuery without the jQuery //github comments

Let's Code About Bike Locks //ipython comments


Gradify turns the most prominent colors in an image into a CSS gradient //gradifycss comments

UI Design Dos and Don'ts //apple comments

Bootcards //bootcards comments

Introducing the San Francisco system font //apple comments


Gabriel's Horn //wikipedia comments

The General Crisis of the 17th Century //wikipedia comments

Feynman sprinkler //wikipedia comments


From Asm.js to WebAssembly //brendaneich comments

Building Street Fighter II in Ruby //nikolay comments

Why Learn Basic Electronics? //eevblog comments

MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games //youtube comments


Becoming a contractor programmer in the UK //github comments

30% of US Workforce Need License to Perform Their Job //brookings comments

An Inside Look at Facebook’s Approach to Automation and Human Work //hbr comments


The Yuri Gadyukin Wikipedia Hoax (2013) //dailydot comments

The construction of the Statue of Liberty //google comments

The Zero-Armed Bandit //damninteresting comments

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