Issue #258 // June 26, 2015

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Organizing complexity is the most important skill in software development //johndcook comments

Suddenly, a leopard print sofa appears //github comments

Wooden combination lock //woodgears comments

To Apple, Love Taylor //taylorswift comments

Atom 1.0 //atom comments

Management things I learned at Imgur //medium comments

Commit messages are not titles //antirez comments

A world without work //theatlantic comments


Open source OCR library? //ycombinator

Aggregated Feedback from YC Partner on Today's Show HN //ycombinator


Asciinema //asciinema comments

Wayback HN, a cross between the Wayback Machine and Hacker News //waybackhn comments

Mattermost: Open-source, on-premises, Slack alternative //mattermost comments

Jobstart – Personalized, expert guidance to land your next software job //jobstart comments

MapChat – A simple location based chat in 300 lines of code //github comments

Hypatia 0.2, a 2D adventure game engine //ycombinator comments

Facebook Bluetooth Beacons //facebook comments


RunC – A lightweight universal runtime container, by the Open Container Project //runc comments

Redis Geo //matt comments

Servasm – Literate web server in x86 assembler //zarkzork comments

Drat – Ruby has a double splat //firmafon comments


Supreme Commander – Graphics Study //adriancourreges comments

365 days of pixel art //medium comments


The Unix Philosophy //catb comments

Model-Based Machine Learning Book //mbmlbook comments


The man with 1,000 klein bottles under his house //youtube comments

Mobile Changes Everything //a16z comments

Interview with James Simons, Billionaire Mathematician //youtube comments


We need to rethink employee compensation //aaronkharris comments

Three hundred programming interviews in thirty days //triplebyte comments


Megaprocessor //megaprocessor comments

Spot the Ball //nytimes comments

Fourier series //codepen comments

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