Issue #259 // July 10, 2015

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React.js Introduction for People Who Know Just Enough JQuery //reactfordesigners comments

John Carmack working on Scheme as a VR scripting language //google comments

How I became an artist //medium comments

Finish your stuff //250bpm comments

Pete Sampras: Letter to My Younger Self //theplayerstribune comments

I self-published a learn-to-code book and made nearly $5k in pre-orders //hellowebapp comments

Two months in inner Mongolia //jack comments


What is the actual purpose of Docker? //ycombinator

I am busy with too many things at once //ycombinator

What tech blogs, podcasts do you follow outside of HN? //ycombinator

Why don't transistors in microchips fail? //ycombinator


Tota11y //github comments

Free Company Logo API //clearbit comments

Project Oberon //projectoberon comments

Amazon API Gateway – Build and Run Scalable Application Backends //amazon comments

Locust – A modern load testing framework //locust comments

Prime Number Patterns //jasondavies comments

ttystudio – a terminal-to-gif recorder without the headaches //github comments

NewsBot: The fastest way to find related articles //getnewsbot comments


Snow – A layer 3 virtual network that uses public keys instead of IP addresses //github comments

Things Rust shipped without //dreamwidth comments

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide //github comments

Ruby Is Defined by Terrible Tools //avdi comments


Material Design Lite Components in HTML/CSS/JS //github comments

How I’d redesign piano sheet music //medium comments


1/9999999999999999999999989999999999 //futilitycloset comments

A Quick Puzzle to Test Your Problem Solving //nytimes comments

Berkeley CS 61AS – Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Self-Paced //github comments

Pykrete //wikipedia comments

A social-network illusion that makes things appear more popular than they are //phys comments


Dune, 50 years on //theguardian comments

My Top 100 Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part Four //catonmat comments

Announcing the First Art of Computer Programming EBooks //stanford comments


Om Next – David Nolen //youtube comments

The physics of floating screwdrivers //youtube comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

“Who is hiring?” Map //whoishiring comments


Stuff in Space //stuffin comments

Photos from inside the Baikonur Cosmodrome //livejournal comments

Arrow Hero //github comments

Impossible Mission – C64 game remake in JavaScript //krissz comments

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