Issue #261 // July 24, 2015

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YC Fellowship //ycombinator comments

Web Design: The First 100 Years (2014) //idlewords comments

Dear Google Mail Team //google+ comments

PostgREST – REST API from any PostgreSQL database //github comments

Russia’s Cold War Mapmakers //wired comments

Blog Little Things //coffeecoder comments

Storage for Photographers, Part 2 //paulstamatiou comments

Speed as a Habit //firstround comments

A Guide to PR for Startups //craigkerstiens comments

Cindy Wu and Experiment.com (YC W13) //nytimes comments

My Two Years as an Anthropologist on the Photoshop Team //medium comments


Bocker – Docker implemented in 100 lines of bash //github comments

F21 Thread Screen //f21threadscreen comments

Legends in D3 //susielu comments

FAQT – A lightweight, personal knowledge base //faqt comments

Discover new, trending, and highest-earning creators on Patreon //pledgesociety comments

Bosun – open-source monitoring and alerting system by Stack Exchange //bosun comments


Dragula: Simple drag and drop //github comments

JRuby 9000 released //jruby comments

Designing a Programming Language //ducklang comments

Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting //github comments

Open Source at IFTTT //github comments

Taking Chrome DevTools outside the browser //kenneth comments

A Practical Introduction to IoT Using Arduino, Node.js and Plotly //adilmoujahid comments


Dropdowns Should Be the UI of Last Resort //lukew comments

One Pixel Cinema //mattbierner comments


How a car works (2012) //howacarworks comments

Complete Course on Machine Learning //computervisiontalks comments

Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes //ryanestradadotcom comments

Poker Theory and Analytics //mit comments


Dr. Seuss Book: Yes, They Found It in a Box //nytimes comments

Product Hunt - Books //producthunt


AP makes one million minutes of historical footage available on YouTube //ap comments

Richard Feynman on the Challenger disaster (1986) //youtube comments


The old suburban office park is the new American ghost town //washingtonpost comments

Career Advice for Engineers and Designers //breakoutcareers comments

How I optimised my life to make my job redundant //troyhunt comments


iLoo //wikipedia comments

Rockstar lib will make you a Rockstar programmer in 2 lines of code //github comments

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