Issue #262 // July 31, 2015

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Spot the Drowning Child //spotthedrowningchild comments

Newegg vs. Patent Trolls: When We Win, You Win //newegg comments

Stop pushing the web forward //quirksmode comments

GitHub threatens to shut down a repository for using the word 'retard' //github comments

Receiving Weather Satellite Images With An £8 Dongle //mattg comments

The Verge's web sucks //lmorchard comments

A LinkedIn Hack That Led to a $120k Investment //thehustle comments

The adblocking revolution is months away //theoverspill comments

Intro to Machine Learning in Interactive D3.js Visualizations //r2d3 comments

Growth vs. Retention //avc comments


Showgoers – Watch Netflix with friends remotely //showgoers comments

A Hand-Drawn QR Code Alternative //meshtag comments

Flexbox.io – a free video series on learning CSS Flexbox //flexbox comments

Blockspring: Do anything in a spreadsheet //a16z comments

File.io – Ephemeral file sharing //file comments


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling //reactkungfu comments

Face swapping with Python, dlib, and OpenCV //github comments

RobotJS – Node.js Desktop Automation //github comments

Vantage.js: A new take on interactive CLI for Node //github comments

How to implement a spreadsheet //semantic-domain comments

RubySpec is Reborn //github comments


Preferred number //wikipedia comments

Programmable Materials //selfassemblylab comments


Deep learning //neuralnetworksanddeeplearning comments

What Makes Founders Succeed //posthaven comments

Open Astrophysics Bookshelf //github comments


DynaFlash: High-speed 8-bit image projector at 1,000fps with 3ms delay //youtube comments

GopherCon 2015 videos //youtube comments

The Factory of Ideas: Working at Bell Labs //youtube comments


Take-home interviews //triplebyte comments


8-bit GIFs of Japanese life //designmadeinjapan comments

Syd Mead, the Artist Who Illustrates the Future //curbed comments

The Programmable Typewriter //zachtronics comments

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