Issue #274 // October 23, 2015

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A story about <input> //meowni comments

OpenStreetMap is the Most Important thing in Geo //gisdoctor comments

Chrome Devtools Tips and Tricks //github comments

Guide to Sending Email Like a Startup //sendwithus comments

The Donut Hustle //theplayerstribune comments

Early employees take the most risk today //medium comments

Sabotage //samgentle comments

The spreadsheet as a minimum viable CMS //medium comments

CS183C Session 8: Eric Schmidt //medium comments

The Art of Debugging //remysharp comments


Trix: A rich text editor for everyday writing //github comments

BMW i8 in WebGL //playcanvas comments

Httpie: A CLI http client //radek comments

Metabase, an open-source business intelligence tool //metabase comments

Markdeep //casual-effects comments

Arguman – Argument Analysis Platform //arguman comments

Introducing Amino: Desktop Bioengineering for Everyone //mitadmissions comments

Mechanical clock simulation in WebGL //github comments


From Python to Go and Back Again //google comments

The viability of JavaScript frameworks on mobile //joreteg comments

The Dynamic Def – abusing Ruby's def statement //jamisbuck comments

Document Clustering with Python //brandonrose comments

Khan Academy's React style guide //github comments


Salesforce Lightning Design System //lightningdesignsystem comments

Product Design of the Stripe Dashboard for iPhone //medium comments

Swiss-Style Color Picker //swisscolors comments


What is Electricity? //sparkfun comments

What is a core dump and how do you parse one? //backtrace comments


First chapter of Kernighan and Donovan's new Go book [pdf] //gopl comments

Clojure for the Brave and True – now free online //braveclojure comments


Autocomplete hand-drawn animations //youtube comments

Acquisitions: Lessons from All Sides //stanford comments


How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley? //medium comments

Don’t Feed the Beast – The Great Tech Recruiter Infestation //mocko comments

Destroy all hiring processes //b-list comments


The Lonely Death of George Bell //nytimes comments

The Tech Model Railroad Club – Hackers at 30 //medium comments


The Trading Game //bloomberg comments

Histography – Timeline of History //histography comments

Car and Driver's Review of the 1981 De Lorean (1981) //caranddriver comments

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