Issue #275 // October 30, 2015

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Write like you talk //paulgraham comments

Screenshots from developers and Unix people taken in 2002 //unix comments

Do you know how much your computer can do in a second? //github comments

Stop forcing arbitrary password rules //ryanwinchester comments

System shock: A story of a 25-year-old font coming back with a vengeance //medium comments

PostgreSQL on the Command Line //phili comments

Faxes from the far side of the moon //damninteresting comments

Five Things Old Programmers Should Remember //medium comments


Classeur.io: Re-enjoy writing, with Markdown //classeur comments

Freeze – Amazon Glacier GUI Client for Mac OS X //freezeapp comments

Legofy – Python program to make an image to look as if it was created with Legos //github comments

Quill – A cross browser rich text editor with an API //github comments

SVG Path Builder //anthonydugois comments

Desk – lightweight workspace management for the shell //github comments

PDFx – Extract Metadata and URLs from PDFs, and Download Referenced PDFs //metachris comments


Vue.js 1.0.0 //vuejs comments

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part II //compose comments

Good Practices for Writing Rust Libraries //pascalhertleif comments

Shrine – A new solution for handling file uploads in Ruby //github comments


CSSgram: CSS library for Instagram filters //github comments

FE-Schrift – forgery-impeding typeface //wikipedia comments

Fonts in Use //fontsinuse comments


List of the Most Popular MOOCs //onlinecoursereport comments

Visualizing popular machine learning algorithms //jsfiddle comments

Google Brain Residency Program //g comments

Gotthard Base Tunnel //wikipedia comments

Double Pendulum in fewer than 100 lines of JavaScript //physicsandbox comments


Tolkien's annotated map of Middle-earth discovered in copy of Lord of the Rings //theguardian comments

Front-end Developer Handbook //gitbooks comments

Learn C and build your own Lisp //buildyourownlisp comments


Start of Lightning Bolt Caught on Camera //realclearscience comments

US film of parachuting beavers found after 65 years //theguardian comments

Learning Real Haskell Incrementally //begriffs comments

Google Dataflow: A Unified Model for Batch and Streaming Data Processing //youtube comments


REI to shut on Black Friday to have employees go outside //rei comments

Re:work – tools and lessons to make work better //withgoogle comments


Wind Map //hint comments

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