Issue #277 // November 20, 2015

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TensorFlow: open-source library for machine intelligence //tensorflow comments

What happens when a culture is driven by the need for money to make more money //medium comments

The Advertising Bubble //idlewords comments

Plotly.js Open-Source Announcement //plot comments

Life in a Studio Apartment with My Wife and Two Sons //gregkroleski comments

StarCraft: The past, present and future //polygon comments

Five years of Scala and counting: debunking some myths //bernhardt comments

Freeciv founded 20 years ago today //freeciv comments

How the Pomodoro Technique changed my workday //fastcompany comments

Sid Meier's Civilization Inspired Budget //alexrecker comments

Jessica Livingston //paulgraham comments


Google and ASUS Launch the $85 Chromebit, a Chrome OS Desktop on an HDMI Stick //techcrunch comments

Chronos Will Turn Any Watch into a Smartwatch //bloomberg comments

Desk: A lightweight workspace manager for the shell //github comments

Play Go Against a Deep Neural Network //github comments


Flutter – Cross-platform mobile framework from Google //flutter comments

Modern Java – A Guide to Java 8 //github comments

EditorConfig //editorconfig comments

Counting Things in Python: A History //treyhunner comments

Sigma.js: a JavaScript library for graph drawing //sigmajs comments

Asm.js Chess Battle //windows comments

Elasticsearch as a Time Series Data Store //elastic comments

The woes of building an index of the web //moz comments

Pattern matching using Z algorithm in Python //ivanyu comments


Xv6 //wikipedia comments

Divisibility by 7 is a Walk on a Graph (2009) //tanyakhovanova comments

Socialist millionaire protocol //wikipedia comments

Why New York Subway Lines Are Missing Countdown Clocks //theatlantic comments

The 85 ways to tie a tie //cam comments

Trout tickling //wikipedia comments


Short Story on AI: A Cognitive Discontinuity //github comments

The ‘Death in … ’ Books //nytimes comments


Jeff Dean explains TensorFlow //youtube comments

The Birth of ZFS //youtube comments

Run containers on bare metal already //youtube comments

Yaybahar //youtube comments


Working remotely is hard //moishelettvin comments

How I Quit My Job and Built My First App //medium comments


Lost at sea: a man who vanished for 14 months //theguardian comments

Living and Dying on Airbnb //medium comments


Indoor Google Street View of the British Museum //google comments

Biking The Ho Chi Minh Highway //medium comments

Empire of Code: a space game with a mix of strategy, tactics and coding //empireofcode comments

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