Issue #279 // December 14, 2015

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Introducing OpenAI //openai comments

Who Y Combinator Companies Want //triplebyte comments

Stockfighter is live //stockfighter comments

Choosing an HTTP Status Code //racksburg comments

Files Are Hard //danluu comments

Don't bother creating a mobile app //medium comments

Learn to Code, It's Harder Than You Think //mikehadlow comments

Does Google crawl dynamic content? //centrical comments

Why Percentiles Don’t Work the Way We Think //vividcortex comments


Focus by Firefox, a Content Blocker for iOS //mozilla comments

Jukedeck – create unique, royalty-free music for your videos using A.I. //jukedeck comments

Cloudcraft – Create AWS diagrams //cloudcraft comments

Lasergist.com – Your custom design in pure, laser-cut Stainless Steel //lasergist comments

Learn to play chess online //chesscademy comments

Braindump, a simple note platform to organize your life //github comments

Curiosity, a context-aware Wikipedia reader for iPhone //tamper comments

ChessMe board game 2nd Edition – chess without board //github comments


Microsoft Edge's JavaScript engine to go open-source //windows comments

D3.compose – compose reusable charts and components with D3.js //github comments

Introducing d3-shape //medium comments

Working with Binary Data in Python //devdungeon comments


Launch of Figma, a collaborative interface design tool //medium comments

Why I'm Excited About Native CSS Variables //philipwalton comments

Choose design over architecture //gsa comments


E-Prime: English without the verb 'to be' //wikipedia comments

The "Bush hid the facts" bug //wikipedia comments


The Best Books I Read in 2015 //gatesnotes comments

The Content Marketing Handbook //priceonomics comments

Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition //redbook comments

Modern Perl 4th Edition is out, ebook version is free //pragprog comments

Philosophy of science books every computer scientist should read //tomasp comments

Reading the World in 196 Books //bbc comments

I Wrote a Book to Teach the Wolfram Language //stephenwolfram comments


What Makes Tom Hanks Look Like Tom Hanks: Modeling a person from photos //washington comments

Donald Knuth's 21st Annual Christmas Lecture: Universal Commafree Codes //youtube comments

‘Serial’ Season 2 Lets Bowe Bergdahl Tell His Side of Afghan Story //nytimes comments


Market Rate is for Lobsters //ernie comments

Men at work //aeon comments


After a ten-year hiatus, NetHack 3.6 //nethack comments

Ponzi.es – Startup sticker ponzi scheme //ponzi comments

Advent of Code – solve a puzzle every day //adventofcode comments

Make 8-bit art //make8bitart comments

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