Issue #282 // January 08, 2016

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The Refragmentation //paulgraham comments

Microsoft Solitaire was developed by a summer intern //reddit comments

Three Years as a One-Man Startup //medium comments

Income inequality is not the problem, it's a symptom //rongarret comments

Do the math on your stock options //jvns comments

BitBar: put the output from any script/program in your Mac OS X Menu Bar //github comments

Permission to Fail //keen comments

When slaves and free men were shipwrecked together //economist comments

Fun with Swift //github comments

Reverse Engineering a Real Candle //cpldcpu comments


Magic+ //getmagicnow comments

Kodak resurrects Super 8 //kodak comments

Up for Grabs: Projects which have curated tasks for new contributors //up-for-grabs comments

Aseprite: cross-platform, open source sprite and pixel art tool //aseprite comments

Plain text for the web //saola comments

A friendship-centric journal //github comments

Tinkercad – Create 3D digital designs with online CAD //tinkercad comments

Parrot announces new Disco drone, ditches quadrocopter design for wings //dronethority comments


PostgreSQL 9.5: UPSERT, Row Level Security, and Big Data //postgresql comments

Nodal. Next-Generation Node.js Server and Framework //nodaljs comments

Profiling Python in Production //nylas comments

Pymux: a tmux clone in pure Python //github comments


GPU text rendering with vector textures //wdobbie comments

Swiss in CSS – Homage to the International Typographic Style //swissincss comments


Bret Victor's Bookshelf //worrydream comments

Bill Gates: The Billionaire Book Critic //nytimes comments

A new Japanese magazine about construction workers //ignition comments


Fai0verflow: Linux on the PS4 //youtube comments

How the McLaren F1 Got Its Sound //soundcloud comments

GNU Radio Tools for Radio Wrangling and Spectrum Domination //youtube comments

TempleOS: Naughty Fun with OS Internals //youtube comments


Happy people don’t leave jobs they love //randsinrepose comments

Working fewer hours would make us more productive //theguardian comments

The Product Engineer //davidchouinard comments

Inside Automattic's Remote Hiring Process //davemart comments


Please do not delete this commented-out version //emacshorrors comments

Cracking BurgerTime, a 1982 game on a floppy disk //archive comments

Dirk's Lego Globe (2013) //mocpages comments

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