Issue #288 // February 19, 2016

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3D printed sundial whose precise holes cast a shadow displaying the current time //mojoptix comments

Choose GitLab for your next open source project //agilob comments

Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend //programmingisterrible comments

Building a Startup in 45 Minutes per Day While Deployed in Iraq //mattmazur comments

Why I No Longer Use MVC Frameworks //infoq comments

Dear Startups: Here’s How to Stay Alive //heidiroizen comments

Hard Drive Reliability Review for 2015 //backblaze comments

A list of PostgreSQL libraries, tools and resources //github comments

The kids are all right //vox comments

Update on a Side Project //njgeo comments

Data scientists mostly just do arithmetic and that’s a good thing //signalvnoise comments


Sci-Hub: Removing barriers in the way of science //sci-hub comments

iTerm2 Version 3 Now in Beta //iterm2 comments

Find the best recipe for any two foods, based on over 600k recipes //foodpairing comments

Gmailify: The best of Gmail, without an gmail address //gmailblog comments

Sense2vec model trained on all 2015 Reddit comments //spacy comments

MJML – Responsive Email Framework //mjml comments

Watch New Yorkers Hurry Across Union Square in Real-Time //citylab comments

AllOrigins – Pull content from any page as JSON via API //allorigins comments


How to Safely Store Your Users' Passwords in 2016 //paragonie comments

Building Large Flask Apps in the Real World //github comments

Learn Raw React – No JSX, No Flux, No ES6, No Webpack //jamesknelson comments

Mern: Build JavaScript apps using React and Redux //mern comments

Akka, Haskell, Erlang, Go and .NET Core compared on 1M threads //github comments

Mu: making programs easier to understand in the large //github comments


Uber's Design Meltdown //elischiff comments

We Have Always Been at War with UI //eev comments

A History of the Windows Start Menu //theverge comments


On Marrying the Wrong Person //thebookoflife comments

When a Self-Declared Genius Asks You to Read His Masterpiece //lithub comments


Paul Graham on Doing Things Right by Accident //themacro comments

Mathematics Animations //3blue1brown comments

Leap Motion: Orion //youtube comments

Working Calculator in Super Mario Maker //youtube comments


How to get hired at a startup when you don't know anyone //shane comments

Why Do Employers Rarely Offer Explanations to Rejected Candidates? //linkedin comments


Outerra, 3d planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space to surface //outerra comments

Nissan's self-parking chairs //engadget comments

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