Issue #289 // February 26, 2016

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Stripe Atlas //stripe comments

How Google’s Web Crawler Bypasses Paywalls //elaineou comments

The Elephant in the Room: Web design work is drying up //sazzy comments

The man who made 'the worst video game in history' //bbc comments

What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes //observer comments

Understanding Git for real by exploring the .git directory //medium comments

555 timer teardown: inside the world's most popular IC //righto comments

What’s Next in Computing? //medium comments

An introduction to IPFS //medium comments

Math ∩ Programming //jeremykun comments


AI generated music to improve focus, relaxation and sleep //brain comments

Google launches voice typing in Google Docs //googledocs comments

PeerTweet – Decentralized feeds using BitTorrent //github comments

how2 – stackoverflow.com from the terminal //github comments

KeeWeb: Unofficial KeePass web and desktop client //github comments

Beartooth //beartooth comments

LibriVox: free public domain audiobooks //librivox comments

Cash: a cross-platform implementation of Unix shell commands in JS //github comments

GitHub project structure visualizer //github comments

Redspread - CLI to deploy Docker to Kubernetes in one command //github comments


Microsoft Acquires Xamarin //asp comments

Draft.js – Rich Text Editor Framework for React //github comments

Discover Flask //discoverflask comments

Vapor: a type-safe web framework for Swift //github comments

Import Docker in Python and Run Anything //deepgram comments

Why Building Apps the Wrong Way Can Be the Right Way //medium comments

GitMap – A location based job board powered only by GitHub //github comments


Million Dollar Curve //github comments

“Super Engine” may fundamentally change the way internal combustion engines work //anl comments

List of failed and over-budget custom software projects //wikipedia comments


Atlas, the Next Generation //youtube comments

Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory //youtube comments

Making Charcoal //youtube comments


What Google Learned from Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team //nytimes comments

Why the Future of Work Is at Home //psmag comments


Texter //tholman comments

Minefield: HTML5 Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper //mienfield comments

The Mir Space Station //vice comments

Bot that uses deep neural networks to generate plausible definitions of words //lexiconjure comments

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