Issue #292 // March 18, 2016

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I made my own clear plastic tooth aligners and they worked //amosdudley comments

I stayed in a hotel with Android lightswitches and it was as bad as you'd think //dreamwidth comments

Tcpdump is amazing //jvns comments

Work for only 3 hours a day, but everyday //plumshell comments

VPN Comparison Chart //google comments

Facebook is the new Excel //alexmuir comments

Unmasking Startup L. Jackson //bloomberg comments

Firing People //zachholman comments

“The Single Piece of JavaScript on HN” //watchandcode comments

Emac’s Org Mode will improve your software engineering //medium comments

Ditching tmux //github comments

Werkbank – the new table in the Sitterwerk Art Library [video] //vimeo comments


What are some examples of beautiful software? //ycombinator

What's your primary development laptop? //ycombinator


Adam //unity3d comments

Podcat – Imdb for podcasts //podcat comments

Have I Been Pwned? Data breach master list with API //haveibeenpwned comments

Hublin: open-source video conferencing //hubl comments

Stormia – 2mi precision live rain radar and storm tracking //stormia comments

Turn GitHub Usernames into Emails //github comments


More code review tools //github comments

JavaScript libraries should be written in TypeScript //staltz comments

Alchemy Micro-Service Framework: Using RabbitMQ Instead of HTTP //github comments

Jo - JSON output from a shell //github comments

Frameworks Don't Make Much Sense //catonmat comments

CLI for trying out Node.js modules easier //github comments


Grd – A CSS grid framework using Flexbox in 512 bytes gzipped //github comments

Why the Wingdings font existss //vox comments


A previously unnoticed property of prime numbers //quantamagazine comments

The Clipper Chip //wikipedia comments


The Little Book of Semaphores [pdf] //greenteapress comments

With book on Go, Kernighan guides students at Princeton and beyond //princeton comments

One Man’s Impossible Quest to Read and Review the World //newyorker comments


Neural Networks Demystified //lumiverse comments

AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol 3-0 //youtube comments

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Encryption //youtube comments

Hard Problems – The Road to the World's Toughest Math Contest //youtube comments

Doug Crockford's Seif Project – how to save the web //youtube comments


Why do we work so hard? //1843magazine comments

On asking job candidates to code //philcalcado comments

A better offer letter //medium comments


Please scan my towel //jerrygamblin comments

A SimCity inspired city builder where you design an MMO RPG //tigsource comments

Procedural Voxel Rendering in WebGL //github comments

Google Metronome //google comments

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