Issue #294 // April 01, 2016

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Ubuntu on Windows //dustinkirkland comments

My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT //pinboard comments

Microsoft Bot Framework //botframework comments

Follow the money: Apple vs. the FBI //antipope comments

Super Tiny Compiler //github comments

My year in startup hell //fortune comments

Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Tablet – Pre-order //bq comments

You can’t let a broken CRT monitor stand in your way //backchannel comments

From side project to 250M daily requests //medium comments

Building Urban Scratchoff //chriswhong comments


Amazon Provides DIY Echo Plans for Raspberry Pi //github comments

Google launches Public Datasets program //google comments

Gogs – Go Git Service //gogs comments

Caravel: data exploration and visualization platform //github comments

MapHub – A Google My Maps Alternative using OpenStreetMap //maphub comments

Google Fiber Phone //google comments

Dimple: API for business analytics powered by D3 //dimplejs comments

GalliumOS – Lightweight Linux for Chromebooks //galliumos comments

Desmos Graphing Calculator – HTML5 with LaTeX editor //desmos comments

Visual Explanation of the GRAIL Handwriting Recognizer //github comments

Pytrader – trade cryoptocurrencies using machine learning //github comments


He Always Had a Dark Side //atavist comments

The Deadly Consequences of Solitary with a Cellmate //themarshallproject comments

Renting a Friend in Tokyo //afar comments


Xamarin now free in Visual Studio, and Xamarin SDK being open-sourced //arstechnica comments

React Native for OS X //github comments

This should never happen //github comments

The Way of the Gopher: Making the Switch from Node.js to Golang //medium comments

Ember Fastboot //ember-fastboot comments

Writing a very fast cache service with millions of entries in Go //allegro comments

What do you call this in Ruby? //github comments

Python Virtual Environments – a Primer //realpython comments


More Chinese Mobile UI Trends //dangrover comments

FlagStories //flagstories comments


The James Webb Telescope, the largest science project in US government history //arstechnica comments

90 percent of everything is crap //wikipedia comments

Mammalian diving reflex //wikipedia comments

Project West Ford //wikipedia comments


Building Web Apps in Go //gitbooks comments

A List of Isaac Asimov's Books //asimovonline comments

Read-Eval-Print-λove – Forth Thinking //leanpub comments

Aric’s World: Library of design documents from classic games //wilmunder comments


An 18 Year Old Buys a Mainframe //youtube comments

Manual arbitrary code injection in Super Mario World //youtube comments

QIRA: Timeless Debugging by geohot //youtube comments


For anyone who has been turned down by 38 companies //hackerrank comments

Asana Engineering Interview Guide //asana comments

Silicon Valley Asks Mostly for Developers with Degrees //wsj comments

6 Things to ask when interviewing for a remote job //medium comments


Escher Sketch //github comments

A Raspberry Pi dashcam with two cameras and a GPS //pidashcam comments

A Physical Flick Bluetooth Keyboard by Google //google comments

Amazon Sent Me Lumber as a Prank //theatlantic comments


Introducing Safari Technology Preview //webkit comments

Linux at 25: Q&A with Linus Torvalds //ieee comments

Comprehensions in Python the Jedi way //github comments

Feather: A Fast On-Disk Format for Data Frames for R and Python //rstudio comments

Why Lisp is now an acceptable scripting language //tunes comments

SpaceX is launching an inflatable space habitat //techcrunch comments

tmux2html - Render full tmux windows or individual panes as HTML //github comments

Expounder – A small JavaScript library for more engaging tutorials //github comments

Bash aliases for different frameworks and tools //github comments

Outer Space Treaty //wikipedia comments

Fullstack React: The Complete Book on ReactJS and Friends //fullstackreact comments

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