Issue #296 // April 15, 2016

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Tinker with a Neural Network in Your Browser //tensorflow comments

Post-Mortem for Google Compute Engine’s Global Outage on April 11 //google comments

Namecheap live chat social engineering leads to loss of 2 VPS //postphp comments

Congratulations You’ve Been Fired //nytimes comments

How a Car Engine Works //animagraffs comments

Frog and Toad are Cofounders //medium comments

Maps Showing Where FBI Planes Are Watching from Above //buzzfeed comments

How to Make Pittsburgh a Startup Hub //paulgraham comments

Facebook Messenger Platform //messenger comments

Hjson, the Human JSON //hjson comments

Your Life //github comments


YouTube-dl: Open-source YouTube downloader //github comments

Kite – Programming Copilot //kite comments

The Swedish Number – Talk with a Random Swede //theswedishnumber comments

Email copy from great companies //goodemailcopy comments

Mathics: A free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica //github comments

Wit.ai Bot Engine beta //wit comments

Min – web browser with better search and built-in ad blocking //github comments

Botlist – An App Store for Bots //botlist comments

Algorithmically generated prior art //allpriorart comments

Chartd: responsive, retina-compatible charts with just an img tag //chartd comments


Visual Studio Code 1.0 //visualstudio comments

Vim 8.0 is coming //github comments

Proposal: Go should have generics //github comments

Voltron: A hacky debugger UI for hackers //github comments

GoldenLayout – JavaScript layout manager with multi-screen support //golden-layout comments

Keras 1.0 – Python deep learning framework //keras comments


Velocipedia //gianlucagimini comments

ASCII Art Weather //wttr comments

You Could Do Almost Anything Part 1 //elischiff comments

Micro-engraver who works between heartbeats to keep his hand steady //qz comments


Calculus Learning Guide //betterexplained comments

Paul's Online Math Notes //lamar comments

Wire of Death //wikipedia comments

Brane Craft //nasa comments

NeWS – Network Extensible Window System //wikipedia comments


Notes on Google's Site Reliability Engineering Book //danluu comments

The first issue of Compelling Science Fiction //compellingsciencefiction comments

The Book of Shaders //thebookofshaders comments


SpaceX Launch Livestream: CRS-8 Dragon Hosted Webcast //youtube comments

USB power supply puts 220 Mains power out on USB jack //youtube comments

John Carmack's BAFTA Introduction, Speech and Interview //youtube comments


He Got Greedy: How the U.S. Government Hunted Encryption Programmer Paul Le Roux //atavist comments

Swim. Bike. Cheat? //nytimes comments


Every shot Kobe Bryant ever took //latimes comments

Booleans as a Service (BaaS) //booleans comments

A C64 Games Mashup //jojati comments

google.com/killer-robots.txt //google comments


Russian photographer matches random people with social network photos //rbth comments

Questions to Ask a Potential Tech Employer //gitlab comments

Facebook Surround 360: An Open 3D-360 video capture system //facebook comments

Job hopping helped Silicon Valley thrive. Why do other states restrict it? //vox comments

A music programming language for musicians //github comments

Box Art Brut: The no-rules design of early computer games box art //worldwritable comments

Why you hate Comic Sans //designforhackers comments

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