Issue #298 // April 29, 2016

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A Protocol for Dying //hintjens comments

The average size of Web pages is now the average size of a Doom install //mobiforge comments

Being a Developer After 40 //medium comments

Dropbox Project Infinite //dropbox comments

Do not talk about pricing //medium comments

SpaceX plans to debut Red Dragon with 2018 Mars mission //nasaspaceflight comments

Have Software Developers Given Up? //dantup comments

About rel=noopener //github comments

Homebrew now sends usage information to Google Analytics //github comments

Docker for Mac Beta Review //medium comments

Future Screens Are Mostly Blue //99percentinvisible comments

Most popular links in Hacker News comments, 2006–2015 //github comments

Email Isn’t the Thing We’re Bad At //twistedmatrix comments

Checklistomania makes it easy to keep track of relative tasks //gsa comments


How do you decide what to learn next? //ycombinator

How do you deal with so many project management systems? //ycombinator


Mosh: the mobile shell //mit comments

Jam API, turn any site into a JSON api using CSS selectors //jamapi comments

Glot.io: Open Source pastebin with runnable snippets and API //glot comments

A Chrome extension to remind you why you opened Facebook //google comments

DataGrip: Swiss Army Knife for Databases and SQL //jetbrains comments

passgo, a command line password manager written in go //github comments


Node.js v6.0 Released //nodejs comments

Xamarin Open-Sourced //xamarin comments

Chart.js 2.0 Released //chartjs comments

Programming blogs //danluu comments

Xi editor: A modern editor with a backend written in Rust //github comments

QBE – a new compiler back end //c9x comments

SQL Tricks //jooq comments

Making 1M requests with Python-aiohttp //github comments

Grafi.js – JavaScript Image Processing Library //grafijs comments


Half Your Brain Stands Guard When Sleeping in a New Place //npr comments

Who Was Ramanujan? //backchannel comments

How Kalman Filters Work //anuncommonlab comments

An integer formula for Fibonacci numbers //github comments


Leaf – Machine Learning for Hackers //autumnai comments

My Favorite Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part Five //catonmat comments

Weeding the Worst Library Books //newyorker comments


Let Chris Crawford teach you to program Atari's 8-bit computers //gamasutra comments

Stanford CS 224D Video: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing //youtube comments

Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera (1957) //youtube comments


BYOT: Bring your own team //stripe comments

Hiring Is Broken – My interview experience in the tech industry //medium comments

At Chobani, Now It’s Not Just the Yogurt That’s Rich //nytimes comments

One Regulation Is Painless – A Million of Them Hurt //bloombergview comments


Rube Goldberg machine in HTML forms //sebastianlyserena comments

For What It’s Worth: A Review of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” //dancohen comments


The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs //techcrunch comments

‘Laws’ of Software Development //exceptionnotfound comments

Dropbox as a Git Server //anishathalye comments

Bots won't replace apps, only better apps will replace apps //dangrover comments

Benefits of 1 Minute of All-Out Effort during Exercise //nytimes comments

Bill Gates' Philanthropic Impact Put in Perspective //insatiablefox comments

What Happens When Baseball-Stats Nerds Run a Pro Team //nytimes comments

Capacitor, BigQuery’s next-generation columnar storage format //google comments

Minecraft, Enhance :Using Neural Networks to Upscale and Stylize Pixel Art //nucl comments

A Methodology for Retiring Products //neovintage comments

The Story Behind Prince’s Legendary Floppy Disks //nymag comments

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