Issue #304 // June 10, 2016

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Being sued, in East Texas, for using the Google Play Store [video] //youtube comments

Why I turned down $500K and shut down my startup //medium comments

Mastering Programming: An Outline //facebook comments

Typosquatting programming language package managers //incolumitas comments

Why I Would Raise Chickens //gatesnotes comments

Traffic-weary homeowners and Waze are at war //washingtonpost comments

Boosting Sales with Machine Learning //medium comments

Obscurity Is a Valid Security Layer //danielmiessler comments

Your human-size life //scripting comments

The Future of Podcasting //stratechery comments

LessAccounting, the Startup That Challenged QuickBooks, Sold //mixergy comments


New calendar app idea //oneviewcalendar comments

Search YouTube without stopping the video, plus playlists //google comments

Map of immigration to the U.S. since 1820 //metrocosm comments

Sikuli: Automate Anything You See on Screen //sikuli comments

1999.io: Blogging like it's 1999 //1999 comments

Microsoft Planner //office comments

Motion Stills – Create Looping GIFs from Live Photos //googleblog comments

Slide – an open-source plain text presentation maker //trikita comments

Create your own xkcd-style comics using HTML markup //cmx comments


Program your next server in Go //golang comments

2D field of view demo //jsfiddle comments

Headless Chrome is coming soon //twitter comments

Anypixel.js //github comments

Shell Style Guide from Google //github comments

Inferno: A fast, React-like JavaScript library for building UIs //github comments

The Art of Closing //jessfraz comments


How We Lost User Engagement After a Redesign //icons8 comments

Picnic CSS relaunched, a lightweight Bootstrap alternative //picnicss comments


Dyatlov Pass Incident //wikipedia comments

To approximate 52! by hand, compute 54! and divide by 3000 //solipsys comments

Prime After Prime //bit-player comments

Spiegelman's Monster //wikipedia comments

Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler Incident //wikipedia comments

Ulam Spiral //wikipedia comments


Jessica Livingston’s Pretty Complete List on How Not to Fail //themacro comments

Homemade 32-bit CPU and OS //youtube comments

How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters (2007) //youtube comments

Kniterate is a 3D printer for clothes //arduino comments

Deep Mind Playing Montezuma's Revenge with Intrinsic Motivation //youtube comments


Salary Negotiation //kalzumeus comments

All the best advice we could find on how to get a job //80000hours comments

Interactive Salary/Equity Chart for SF Bay Area //minimaxir comments


This is not a place of honor //energy comments

How Two Seattle-Area Brothers Made Dwarf Fortress //seattleweekly comments

Coming changes to Apple's App Store //theverge comments

Larry Page’s startups working on flying cars //bloomberg comments


Confirmshaming //confirmshaming comments

Drape – a Fabric Simulator //github comments

Elite for Emacs //salkosuo comments

Hassle-free TODO application development //github comments


Man sued for $30K over $40 printer he sold on Craigslist //usatoday comments

Norway reportedly agrees on banning new sales of gas-powered cars by 2025 //electrek comments

Wal-Mart Plans to Test Grocery Delivery Through Uber, Lyft //bloomberg comments

Vvvv – a live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development //vvvv comments

Mistakes Beginners Make When Working with Databases //craigkerstiens comments

I finally finished this awesome game called Photoshop, let me send you a video //microsoft comments

Bluetooth 5 //bluetooth comments

Hiring dropped sharply in May, the weakest in 6 years //washingtonpost comments

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