Issue #310 // July 22, 2016

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Master Plan, Part Deux //tesla comments

Why I’m Suing the US Government //bunniestudios comments

Stack Overflow Outage Postmortem //stackstatus comments

When a crow dies, the other crows investigate the cause of death (2015) //nationalgeographic comments

Vim GIFs //vimgifs comments

Graal and Truffle could accelerate programming language design //medium comments

Introducing Stack Overflow Documentation Beta //stackoverflow comments

The Surprising Ease of Plain Text Accounting //vincecima comments

Run code inline in Atom using Jupyter kernels //github comments

Help Us Annotate Michael Nielsen’s Book on Deep Learning //fermatslibrary comments

The Mind of an Architect //99percentinvisible comments


Considerations when asked to write a book? //ycombinator

Describing skills and competencies in a resume? //ycombinator


HyperTerm – JS/HTML/CSS Terminal //hyperterm comments

Passport Index 2016 //passportindex comments

Cron checker //crontab comments

Riko – A Python stream processing engine modeled after Yahoo! Pipes //github comments

Lint for HTTP //github comments

Ori – Robotic transformation of interior spaces //orisystems comments

Read someone else's Twitter timeline //otherside comments

Convert PDF files into structured data //docparser comments


Destroy All Ifs – A Perspective from Functional Programming //degoes comments

Microsoft REST API Guidelines //github comments

D4 – Declarative Data-Driven Documents //js comments

New Features in Ruby 2.4 //blockscore comments

RubyTapas //rubytapas

Gmail.js – JavaScript API for Gmail //github comments


Material Kit – Free Bootstrap UI Kit Based on Material Design //creative-tim comments

Blaze CSS – Open Source Modular CSS Framework //blazecss comments

Hack – CSS framework for Hackers //github comments


A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks //github comments

Using Simulated Annealing to Solve Logic Puzzles //pluszero comments

Zenzizenzizenzic //wikipedia comments

Superformula //wikipedia comments

The Battle of Palmdale //wikipedia comments


Book of Proof – An introduction to the methods of proving mathematical theorems //vcu comments

99 Bottles of OOP //sandimetz comments

History of Cartography: Volumes One, Two, and Three //uchicago comments

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python //python-guide comments

Microsoft ebook giveaway //microsoft comments


“Give me 15 minutes and I'll change your view of GDB” //undo comments

Maths notation is needlessly complex //aeon comments

Building a CPU from Scratch: Jcore Design Walkthrough //youtube comments


Building an Open Core Company: Interview with GitLab's CEO //gitlab comments

Is full-time work bad for our brains? //bbc comments

Senior Engineers Reduce Risk //medium comments

A new wave of startups that rewards the individuals generating value //nytimes comments


My Venezuela Nightmare: A 30-Day Hunt for Food in a Starving Land //bloomberg comments

Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Mega-Utopia in Vermont //bloomberg comments

Fresh work on the mathematics of bicycles in motion //nature comments


Donkey – A computer game included with early versions of PC DOS //github comments

“I built a fusion reactor in my bedroom – AMA” //reddit comments

How I Could Steal Money from Instagram, Google and Microsoft //arneswinnen comments

The rectangularness of countries //pappubahry comments

I connected my house lights to video games //stavros comments

Gravity.js //github comments


The History of the URL: Path, Fragment, Query, and Auth //eager comments

How to Pitch Your Company //themacro comments

Dollar Shave Club and the Disruption of Everything //stratechery comments

AutoMicroFarm is now open-source //automicrofarm comments

Code Is Never “Perfect”, Code Is Only Ever “Good Enough” //exceptionnotfound comments

Interview with Larry Wall //slashdot comments

Hacking airplane headphones //ttboj comments

Gatsby – A Static Site Generator for React //github comments

Employee #1: Airbnb //themacro comments

Don't replace people, augment them //medium comments

A DIY diabetes kit //bbc comments

A Peek Inside New York's Subway Redesign Plan //citylab comments

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