Issue #314 // August 19, 2016

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“It's The Future” //circleci comments

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux //microsoft comments

What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture? //mcmansionhell comments

Machine Learning and Ketosis //github comments

Machine Learning Exercises in Python, Part 1 //johnwittenauer comments

What Great Listeners Actually Do //hbr comments

Writing Less Code //heydonworks comments

The traits of a proficient programmer //oreilly comments

Lonnie Johnson: The father of the Super Soaker //bbc comments

30K Page Views for $0.21: A Serverless Story //fmlnerd comments


Is it possible to run your own mail server for personal use? //ycombinator

How have you achieved financial independence? //ycombinator

How to get out of Tech and still make a decent living? //ycombinator

Did some of you try the digital nomad lifestyle and not like it? //ycombinator

What keeps you from exercising? //ycombinator


Page Dewarping //github comments

Google Duo, a simple 1-to-1 video calling app //googleblog comments

Solid – A set of conventions and tools for decentralized social applications //mit comments

New time and daylight application //chronozone comments

Thyme, a simple CLI to measure human time and focus //sourcegraph comments


Go 1.7 is released //golang comments

Colorized man pages //boredzo comments

Jailbreaking the Kindle //github comments

Looking at your program’s structure in Go 1.7 //pauladamsmith comments

LogicJS adds logic programming to JavaScript //github comments

The State of Vue //medium comments


Lake Nyos suffocated over 1,700 people in one night //atlasobscura comments

Nissan Motor Company has announced a new type of gasoline engine //reuters comments

Drawing isometric boxes in the correct order //github comments

Why There Are So Many Ties in Swimming //deadspin comments

List of unsolved problems in physics //wikipedia comments


Grokking Deep Learning //github comments

An introduction to Japanese //github comments

How I wrote and published my novel using only open source tools //medium comments

Humble Book Bundle: The Joy of Coding //humblebundle comments

Computational and Inferential Thinking – The Foundations of Data Science //inferentialthinking comments


What Danes consider healthy children’s television //economist comments

Sam Altman talks with Mark Zuckerberg about how to build the future //themacro comments

This Student Invented a Stepper Motor Organ //youtube comments


Technology was meant to herald a new way of working, but that’s not the case //bbc comments

Ask HN: How to prepare for a Front-end Developer interview? //ycombinator


This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley //medium comments

Spaceplan //jhollands comments

My favorite day of the month is bank statement day at my company //medium comments


Optimism //github comments

I'm a Judge and I Think Criminal Court Is Horrifying //themarshallproject comments

YC Tech Stacks //themacro comments

Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month //bloomberg comments

Technical debt as an opportunity to accumulate technical wealth //firstround comments

NPR Website to Get Rid of Comments //npr comments

A look behind the scenes at an index fund with Vanguard's Gerry O'Reilly //bloomberg comments

Why don’t podcasts use VBR MP3s? Because iOS and macOS don’t accurately seek them //marco comments

Rock climber Alex Honnold doesn’t experience fear like the rest of us //nautil comments

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