Issue #316 // September 02, 2016

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The Dropbox hack is real //troyhunt comments

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has exploded at Cape Canaveral //techcrunch comments

How I Built a Custom Camper Van //syntheti comments

Google Takes on Uber with New Ride-Share Service //wsj comments

How to steal a developer's local database //bouk comments

Docker not ready for primetime //goodstuff comments

Rotoscoped Animation of Filmed Parkour //moral comments

Google Cast is now built-in to Chrome //googleblog comments


How do you handle DDoS attacks? //ycombinator

I am doing $2M annually as a solopreneur and need your help //ycombinator


Rclone: rsync for cloud storage //rclone comments

A self-hosted alternative to Trello, Basecamp, and Freshbooks //duetapp comments

Amazon Launchpad for Startups //amazon comments

Ntfy: A utility for sending notifications //github comments

Cesium – An open-source JavaScript library for 3D globes and maps //cesiumjs comments

Poor man's Google Docs //github comments

Use Meetup.com Data to Find Your Ideal City //github comments

Price changes alerts for any store //thepriceminer comments

Go-odbye – Twitter Follow/Unfollow Reporting Tool Written in Go //domenicoluciani comments


Smaller and faster data compression with Zstandard //facebook comments

AWS S3 open source alternative written in Go //minio comments

SRL – Simple Regex Language //simple-regex comments

Paddle: Baidu's open source deep learning framework //github comments

Itsy Bitsy Data Structures – Simplified examples of many common data structures //github comments

Stitch – A small Python library for writing reproducible reports in Markdown //github comments

Ruby Deoptimization Engine //github comments

Terminal Charts with Victory CLI //formidable comments

Go Patterns: A curated collection of idiomatic design patterns //github comments


Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup //medium comments

How a Technical Co-Founder Spends His Time //jdlm comments

Sierra Gets Creative //filfre comments


4WD vs. AWD. What's the Difference? //outsideonline comments

Plasma Wings Could Change Planes //pbs comments

The Traitorous Eight //wikipedia comments

Dry water //wikipedia comments


Why should children program? A review of Seymour Papert's Mindstorms //github comments

The Up-To-Date Sandwich Book (1909) //publicdomainreview comments


Jessica Livingston: How to Build the Future //ycombinator comments

Changing the Culture of Python at Facebook //youtube comments

Wallace and Gromit – The Great Train Chase (1993) //aardman comments

Hit Reply – Episode 0: Yet Another Startup Podcast? //hitreply comments

A two-year-old's solution to the trolley problem //youtube comments


Amazon is piloting teams with a 30-hour workweek //washingtonpost comments

Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator


Code that is valid in both PHP and Java, and produces the same output in both //github comments

KickSat: open source spacecraft project //github comments


How a Japanese cucumber farmer is using deep learning and TensorFlow //google comments

GitHub Code Search – Programmers' Goldmine //github comments

Facebook recommended that a psychiatrist’s patients friend each other //fusion comments

Zig: a system language which prioritizes optimality, safety, and readability //ziglang comments

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot //harvard comments

Are Index Funds Eating the World? //wsj comments

Micro v1.0 – a terminal-based text editor written in Go //github comments

FSU research team makes Zika drug breakthrough //fsu comments

Pebble 4.0 Apps and Firmware Released //getpebble comments

A Bot to Deploy to AWS, Digital Ocean Etc. //deploybot comments

In-view.js – Get notified when DOM elements enter or exit the viewport //github comments

A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories //nytimes comments

My @JFK Twitter account “has been suspended and will not be restored” //medium comments

When they don’t want new jobs, just more money //washingtonpost comments

Basic income doesn't emphasize divisions between poor and working people //basicincomecanada comments

The Readability bookmarking service will shut down on September 30, 2016 //medium comments

The EpiPen, a Case Study in Health System Dysfunction //nytimes comments

Google discontinues the Chromebook Pixel 2 without replacing it //arstechnica comments

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