Issue #317 // September 09, 2016

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Philae Found //esa comments

iPhone 7 //apple comments

In defence of Douglas Crockford //github comments

I am a fast webpage //varvy comments

Multi-process Firefox brings 400-700% improvement in responsiveness //techcrunch comments

The Correct Way to Validate Email Addresses //hackernoon comments

I lost my OpenBSD full-disk encryption password //filippo comments

Lessons from a 45-year Study of Super-Smart Children //scientificamerican comments

Running a Tor Exit Node for Fun and E-mails //daknob comments

How to Write a Spelling Corrector //norvig comments

Y Combinator Companies //ycombinator comments

To finish projects on time, start every single step as late as possible //twitter comments


Any unfinished side projects to give away? //ycombinator

What does an electrical engineer actually do at work? //ycombinator

Non-tech books that have helped you grow professionally? //ycombinator


Insomnia 3.0 – A simple and beautiful REST API client //insomnia comments

A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions //nullschool comments

Announcing Quill 1.0 //quilljs comments

PiBakery – a blocks based, easy to use setup tool for Raspberry Pi //pibakery comments

Postacard – Text a Photo to Send as a Postcard Anywhere on Earth for $3 //postacard comments

HN Chat – Minimal Hacker News Chat with User Verification //hnchat comments


A bite of Python //redhat comments

500 Byte Images: The Haiku Vector Icon Format //leahhanson comments

Build your first real world React.js application //plot comments

Plottable.js – Flexible, interactive charts for the web //plottablejs comments

Dependency graphs of Go web frameworks //github comments

cookies.js, making cookies a delight to work with on the front-end //github comments

Golang – encoding/csv: Reading is slow //github comments

Bild – Simple image processing in Go with parallel processing support //github comments


Getting to Bootstrap v4 //github comments

SVG heat shimmer //ocks comments

The math of CSS locks //fvsch comments

Mobi.css – A lightweight, flexible CSS framework that focuses on mobile //github comments


A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Surviving on the Roads (2012) [pdf] //slobc comments

Jupiter’s North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in Solar System //nasa comments

A pilot who stole a secret Soviet fighter jet //bbc comments

The forgotten underground world of Swiss bunkers //swissinfo comments

Turtles All the Way Down //wikipedia comments


Linux debugging tools you'll love //jvns comments

Learn Node.js: A free interactive course for Node beginners //hyperdev comments

New Edition of “Programming in Haskell” Now Available //nott comments


You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky (2015) //youtube comments

Donald Knuth speaks about his life //webofstories comments

In Norway, everyone can know how much you earn //youtube comments

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (2007) //youtube comments


Why GitHub Finally Abandoned Its Bossless Workplace //bloomberg comments

You’re How Old? We’ll Be in Touch //nytimes comments


Gordon Murray-designed ‘OX’ flat-pack truck //topgear comments

The Metaprogrammer //codersnotes comments

My resume in an Operating system //mathieupassenaud comments

A Seattle vigilante who beats the police to bike thieves //outsideonline comments


What typing ^D does on Unix (2009) //utoronto comments

When you change the world and no one notices //collaborativefund comments

ITT Technical Institutes Shuts Down //bloomberg comments

How to Learn Advanced Mathematics Without Heading to University – Part 3 //quantstart comments

How Google obliterated my 4 year old Chrome extension featuring 24k+ users //graffino comments

The Math Myth //econlib comments

A Survival Guide to a PhD //github comments

Ant colony discovered in an abandoned Polish nuclear weapons bunker //arstechnica comments

Why Remote Work Should Change Startup Culture //medium comments

No Sailors Needed: Robot Sailboats Scour the Oceans for Data //nytimes comments

Republic – Now everyone can invest in startups //republic comments

'Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Meets the Koch Brothers //mikerowe comments

Improving collaboration with forks //github comments

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