Issue #318 // September 16, 2016

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Pardon Snowden //pardonsnowden comments

Announcing new tools, forums, and features //github comments

I’m Joining Stripe to Work on Atlas //kalzumeus comments

Angular 2 Final Released //angular comments

GitLab Master Plan //gitlab comments

YC Changes //ycombinator comments

Why are Adults so busy? //debarghyadas comments

Introducing the Firefox debugger.html //mozilla comments

Advancing in the Bash Shell //samrowe comments

Old Geek //tbray comments

Machine Learning in a Year //medium comments

Don't Start Big, Start a Little Snowball //nugget comments


Is web programming a series of hacks on hacks? //ycombinator

What's your favorite HN post? //ycombinator

Strange bug workarounds? //ycombinator


Vim 8.0 released //google comments

Microsoft Pix //microsoft comments

Logo Pizza: Hot and ready logos for sale //logo comments

Old Geek Jobs: fighting against ageism in the industry //oldgeekjobs comments

A flask app to make dashboards, easily //github comments

Materialistic – Ad free, open source Hacker News client //google comments

Open-source search engine with 2bn-page index //deusu comments

Falcon – a Chrome extension for full text browsing history search //github comments

Colors Used by Popular Sites //paulhebertdesigns comments

I invented a caffeinated toothpaste //powertoothpaste comments


Some bad Git situations and how I got myself out of them //ohshitgit comments

Cap’n Proto //capnproto comments

If your code accepts URIs as input, filter out “file://” //steve comments

Golang concepts from an OOP point of view //github comments

QuineDB – A quine that is also a key-value store //github comments

How I spent two weeks hunting a memory leak in Ruby (2015) //be9 comments


A Pixel Artist Renounces Pixel Art //dinofarmgames comments

Radiobox.css – Tiny set of CSS3 animations meant for your radio inputs //github comments

Stretching the limits of CSS 3: Amazing creations in pure CSS //independent-software comments


Can computers read through a book page by page without opening it? //mit comments

Przybylski's Star //wikipedia comments


Companies would benefit from helping introverts to thrive //economist comments

Be Productive Anywhere: Strategies for Better Remote Work //zapier comments


OverThrown – A multiplayer turn based strategy game //overthrown comments

Drum machine in 100 lines of HTML/JS //sig comments


How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat //nytimes comments

How Doom 2016 Renders a Frame //adriancourreges comments

How to Write Articles and Essays Quickly and Expertly (2006) //downes comments

Command-line tools can be faster than a Hadoop cluster (2014) //aadrake comments

How I learned to program //danluu comments

Why building a startup is probably your most sensible career path //nature comments

Five Months of Kubernetes //danielmartins comments

A Review of Time Series Databases //dataloop comments

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