Issue #326 // November 11, 2016

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H.264 is Magic //sidbala comments

A Method I’ve Used to Eliminate Bad Tech Hires //mattermark comments

DeepMind and Blizzard to release StarCraft II as an AI research environment //deepmind comments

Show HN: Make an app by adding JSON to this app //github comments

Benefits of using tmux – streamlining your development environment //bugsnag comments

I don’t like computers //happyassassin comments

Be careful about what you dislike //pocoo comments

Beyond 10,000 Lines: Lessons Learned from a Large Phoenix Project //infinite comments

How a Gift from Schoolchildren Let the Soviets Spy on the U.S. For 7 Years //atlasobscura comments

Practical advice for analysis of large, complex data sets //unofficialgoogledatascience comments


Have you ever thought of leaving programming for something else? //ycombinator

Any good resources for finding software jobs abroad? //ycombinator


Hyper.sh – Effortless Docker Hosting //hyper comments

Unsplash – Beautiful photos free to use under the Unsplash License //unsplash comments

LessPass: sync-less open source password manager //lesspass comments

Mest – Place to talk with those you disagree with //mest comments

Pencil: open-source GUI prototyping tool //evolus comments

FlyWeb – An API for web pages to host local web servers //github comments

Google – My Activity //google comments

Lynis – Security Auditing Tool for Linux, MacOS, and Unix-Based Systems //github comments

ZType – typing game //zty comments


Homebrew 1.1.0 //brew comments

Intercooler.js – Making AJAX as easy as anchor tags //github comments

A Simple Request: VLC.js //textfiles comments

A list of headless web browsers //github comments

Lumo – A fast, standalone ClojureScript REPL that runs on Node.js and V8 //anmonteiro comments

Ruby 3x3: Matz, Koichi, and Tenderlove on the Future of Ruby Performance //heroku comments


Best of Themes – The simplest way to browse thousands of website themes //bestofthemes comments

Apple’s First Phone, from 1983, Never Made It to Market (2014) //lowendmac comments

Design Principles for Reducing Cognitive Load //marvelapp comments

The @supports CSS rule //lottejackson comments


Advanced Data Structures //mit comments

Machine Learning for Software Engineers //github comments


DevFreeBooks – A collection of free books for developers //github comments

Books Warren Buffett thinks you should read //smh comments


Tensorflow and Deep Learning, Without a PhD, Martin Gorner, Google //youtube comments

Shrimp Trap //primitivetechnology comments

Voting Paradoxes //exploratorium comments

In 1961, Roald Dahl Hosted His Own Version of 'The Twilight Zone' //atlasobscura comments


Software Developers: how to get a raise without changing jobs //fearlesssalarynegotiation comments

Tech Jobs, Cheaper Housing: The New Silicon Cities //wsj comments


Review: The NES Classic Edition and all 30 games on it //techcrunch comments

Cartoon Laws of Physics //toronto comments

The Pac-Man Dossier //gamasutra comments


How to contribute to an open source project on GitHub //davidecoppola comments

We’re Scientists, Moms, And We Avoid Non-GMO Products //medium comments

A Look at How Traders and Economists Are Using the Julia Programming Language //waterstechnology comments

Inside Magic Leap //forbes comments

Alibaba Posts $1B in Sales in 5 Minutes on Singles’ Day //bloomberg comments

Work/Life Balance Will Make You a Better Software Engineer //codewithoutrules comments

DeepRhyme (D-Prime) – Generating dope rhymes with machine learning //swarbrickjones comments

How Japan Prepares Its Children for Independence //savvytokyo comments

Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Backblaze via a Single API //cloudrail comments

MacBook Pro is a lie //theverge comments

Inside NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain Combat Center //thememoryhole2 comments

Introducing the Nextcloud Box //nextcloud comments

JSCity – An implementation of the Code City metaphor for visualizing source code //github comments

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