Issue #327 // November 18, 2016

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Quick, Draw //withgoogle comments

A demonstration of browser events used to monitor online behaviour //clickclickclick comments

How We Make Money at Stack Overflow //stackoverflow comments

Wind Waker Graphics Analysis //medium comments

“I have toyota corola” //haxx comments

Why 30 is the decade friends disappear //vox comments

SpaceX plans worldwide satellite Internet with low latency, gigabit speed //arstechnica comments

Code I’m Still Ashamed Of //freecodecamp comments

You Are Not Paid to Write Code //bravenewgeek comments

You Don’t Need a Master Plan, You Just Need to Start //medium comments

To Learn Programming, Do Projects You Care About //datarebellion comments

A few drawings about Linux //jvns comments

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class //hbr comments


What simple tools or products are you most proud of making? //ycombinator

How do you handle the business structure and taxes of side projects? //ycombinator

Best Git workflow for small teams //ycombinator


Primitive for macOS //primitive comments

Firefox Focus – a free, fast and easy to use private browser for iOS //mozilla comments

Google Earth VR //google comments

Kill the newsletter: Convert newsletters into RSS feeds //kill-the-newsletter comments

Regex 101 //regex101 comments

Blink Shell for iOS, an Open-Source, Mosh and SSH Terminal for Pros //blink comments

Commits.io - Create a poster from your code and logo //commits comments

Winds – An Open Source Personalized RSS Reader //getstream comments

PhotoScan by Google //google comments

Free Terminal, Git, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Courses //rithmschool comments


Visual Studio for Mac //microsoft comments

Why we need the best tools on Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi //headmelted comments

Writing an HTTP server in Prolog //jamesbvaughan comments

.NET Framework – What's New in C# 7.0 //microsoft comments

Do you really want a single-page application framework? //github comments


The Most Effective Weapon on the Modern Battlefield Is Concrete //usma comments

Fewer than 3% of cars sold in the U.S. have manual transmissions //latimes comments

Bouncing bomb //wikipedia comments


JavaScript books, free online //exploringjs comments

Mining of Massive Datasets //mmds comments

Interview with Ted Chiang //medium comments

Photographer Tracks Down People He Snapped in His Hometown Almost 40 Years Ago //designyoutrust comments

“Designed by Apple in California” chronicles 20 years of Apple design //apple comments


Rust and the Future of Systems Programming //mozilla comments

Nintendo’s method of making games //youtube comments

Martin Luther King on “Guaranteed Income” //youtube comments


Quant Job Interview Questions (2009) [pdf] //kent comments

So You've Been Paged: A Guide to Incident Response //scalyr comments


A Lost World of Shipwrecks Is Found //nytimes comments

Regex that only matches itself //stackexchange comments

Quick, How Might the Alien Spacecraft Work? //stephenwolfram comments

How Fujifilm’s cameras and lenses are Made in Japan //theverge comments


Dear Google, Apple, Mozilla, and MS: Please End Auto-Playing Media in Browsers //ycombinator comments

Reasons not to use Uber //stallman comments

Microsoft Becomes Linux Foundation Platinum Member //linuxfoundation comments

ICQ: 20 Years Is No Limit //medium comments

Microsoft announces the next version SQL Server for Windows and Linux //techcrunch comments

If Prisoners Ran Prisons //themarshallproject comments

Poor people pay for parking even when they can’t afford a car //washingtonpost comments

Dissolve My Nobel Prize, Fast (2011) //npr comments

Snapchat has reportedly filed confidentially for its massive IPO //techcrunch comments

U.S. chicken prices may have been artificially inflated for years //washingtonpost comments

A guide to using the Facebook Pixel //github comments

Making Time for Side Projects //medium comments

‘No Vacancy’ Signs Are Vanishing from America’s Highways //bloomberg comments

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