Issue #330 // December 09, 2016

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Amazon Go //amazon comments

Htop explained //peteris comments

John Glenn has died //dispatch comments

This AI Boom Will Also Bust //overcomingbias comments

Google Makes So Much Money, It Never Had to Worry About Financial Discipline //bloomberg comments

Talks that changed the way I think about programming //opowell comments

The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think //nngroup comments

How to Ship Side Projects //andyjiang comments

Facebook’s Walled Wonderland Is Inherently Incompatible with News //mondaynote comments

How I Wrote the Screenplay for “Arrival” and What I Learned Doing It //thetalkhouse comments


Are there any systematic and scientific ways to develop a habit? //ycombinator

Have any side projects from Show HN gone big? //ycombinator

Tell HN: Political Detox Week – No politics on HN for one week //ycombinator


Launchaco – Instantly generate a responsive, free, website //launchaco comments

Google Trusted Contacts //blog comments

One Dollar Glasses – Help for 150M people //onedollarglasses comments

Fun tool that cut my family/friends tech support time in half //grammable comments

Gomix the easiest way to build apps and bots //gomix comments

Staticland – Static site hosting with SSL via Let's Encrypt //static comments

Filter the web by Hacker News //hackernewsfilter comments

CakeResume – Drag and drop resume snippets to build a unique resume //cakeresume comments


It Takes 6 Days to Change 1 Line of Code //posthaven comments

Jq – Work with JSON on the command line //200ok comments

PouchDB, the JavaScript Database That Syncs //pouchdb comments

Amazon States Language – JSON-based state machines //states-language comments

Jid – Drill down JSON data incrementally //github comments

Ripgrep code review //mbrt comments

Skov – A visual programming environment //skov comments


Burned house horizon //wikipedia comments

The German tank problem //wikipedia comments


Crypto 101 – Introductory course on cryptography //crypto101 comments

My Favorite Books of 2016 //gatesnotes comments

Legal Concepts for Founders – Online Handbook //clerky comments

Thoreau Was Actually Funny //lithub comments


Dark Patterns – User Interfaces Designed to Trick People //darkpatterns comments

Russia’s Creepy, Innovative Internet //bloomberg comments

Mathematical Reasoning and Distributed Systems by Erik Meijer and Leslie Lamport //youtube comments

R vs. Python for Data Science //dominodatalab comments

Salto – UC Berkeley’s Agile Jumping Robot //ieee comments

Maciej Ceglowski – Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People //youtube comments


'Clean your desk': My Amazon interview experience //shivankaul comments

Handicareers.com – A simple job board for disabled people //handicareers comments


A Guide to the Breads of India //luckypeach comments

My Voice Controlled Smart Mirror: A Postmortem //chrisuehlinger comments

Treksit – Graph theory game //treksit comments

Analyzing the 2016 World Chess Championship //medium comments


Google says it will run entirely on renewable energy in 2017 //nytimes comments

Pebble's next step //getpebble comments

Apple to Start Publishing AI Research //bloomberg comments

Azure Jupyter Notebooks //azure comments

How to not fuck up your manufacturing startup //johnnybowman comments

Confessions of an Instagram Influencer //bloomberg comments

Victory – ReactJS library for building interactive data visualizations //github comments

With Station F, Paris will have the world’s biggest startup campus //techcrunch comments

State of Startups //firstround comments

“Scientific Method for Startups”, and AMA with Michael Seibel //ycombinator comments

Bookdown – Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown //rstudio comments

How I burned $10M so you don't have to //medium comments

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