Issue #334 // January 13, 2017

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Atlassian acquires Trello for $425M //techcrunch comments

Integrating GTA V into Universe //openai comments

When You Are Depressed, Make Something //byrslf comments

The closest I've ever come to falling for a Gmail phishing attack //twitter comments

Software Developers Should Have Sysadmin Experience //professorbeekums comments

Poor Neighborhoods Make the Best Investments //strongtowns comments

What Style Is That House? Visual Guides to Domestic Architectural Designs //99percentinvisible comments

Alexa: Amazon's Operating System //stratechery comments

Lessons Learned with Stripe Subscriptions //cronitor comments

Let’s Talk About Self-Driving Cars //medium comments

How We Found All of Optimizely's Clients //nerdydatablog comments

Master web development with over 9000 tricks //medium comments


If you were to switch career, what would you do? //ycombinator

Does anyone here have an art degree? //ycombinator


Georgia Tech Offers Online MS in Analytics for Under $10K //gatech comments

Streama – A self-hosted streaming application with your own media library //github comments

Blender for Hackers – 3D modeling is just like using VIM //sam comments

Founderkit – Startup tool recommendations from 1,000 YC founders //founderkit comments

An audio only social network //currentlyapp comments

Use Ansible to Run a OpenVPN Server on Digital Ocean //github comments

Kitty – A modern, hackable, OpenGL based terminal emulator //github comments

Castor, a live dashboard for your projects //getcastor comments


Alacritty, a GPU-accelerated terminal emulator written in Rust //jwilm comments

A Prettier JavaScript Formatter //jlongster comments

Go 1.8 RC1 is released //google comments

Working on Chrome made me develop a tool for reading source code //medium comments

Svelte – The magical disappearing UI framework //svelte comments


6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars //mit comments

Uber Movement //uber comments

King – man + woman is queen; but why? //migdal comments


Mac Pro 2 Concept Design //pascaleggert comments

Norway’s new passport – already a design classic? //theguardian comments


The Riemann Hypothesis, explained //medium comments

What’s a fire, and why does it burn? //qchu comments

Braess’ paradox //wikipedia comments


Just how smart is an octopus? //washingtonpost comments

From Python to Numpy //labri comments

Aaron Swartz’s Theory on How to Save the World //backchannel comments

Deep Work: A welcome kick in the butt //cpbotha comments

Book Review: Designing Distributed Control Systems //michalpaszkiewicz comments


Building a Billion User Load Balancer //usenix comments

Office Hours with Sam Altman //ycombinator comments

The little-known patterns on British streets //youtube comments


Open offices are bad for us //bbc comments

Don’t Get Trampled: The Puzzle for “Unicorn” Employees //medium comments

Carrot and Stick: that doesn’t work on Programmers //myprogrammingexperiments comments


My Watch Runs GNU/Linux //sam comments

Warzone 2100: Open Source Real-Time Strategy Game //wz2100 comments

Family Lives in the Arctic Circle by Building House in Geodesic Dome //mymodernmet comments

The Bus Stop Bus //stavros comments

Photos of a Su-27 dogfighting with a F-16 around Area 51 //theaviationist comments

HTTP status code 418 (I'm a teapot) //wikipedia comments


I returned my 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar //jeffgeerling comments

GitHub Enterprise SQL Injection //orange comments

Apple cuts Tim Cook's pay 15% for missing sales goals //cnn comments

Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform //intel comments

A new generation of Chromebooks, designed to work with millions of apps //blog comments

Class Breaks //schneier comments

Kodak says it’s bringing back Ektachrome film //washingtonpost comments

Silicon Valley Needs Startup Drano //bloomberg comments

Introducing: The Facebook Journalism Project //fb comments

Bootstrapping a slightly more secure laptop //ccc comments

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