Issue #339 // February 17, 2017

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I started a one-man biz that's beating VC-backed startups //distrokid comments

Introducing Cloud Spanner, a Global Database Service //googleblog comments

RethinkDB versus PostgreSQL: my personal experience //sagemath comments

Google’s not-so-secret new OS //techspecs comments

What could happen if you refuse to unlock your phone at the US border? //arstechnica comments

A friendly web development tutorial for complete beginners //internetingishard comments

Is PostgreSQL good enough? //renesd comments

Privacy is Power: Why the fight for privacy matters //standardnotes comments

Elon Musk is boring a tunnel to skirt gridlock //bloomberg comments

The “Inside Airbnb” project has earned the home-sharing company bad press //backchannel comments


A guide to all HTML5 elements and attributes //htmlreference comments

Amazon Chime //chime comments

Ask HN: What are some books where the reader learns by building one project? //ycombinator comments

Takeover.sh – Wipe and reinstall a running Linux system via SSH without reboot //github comments

Beehive – An open source IFTTT powered by Go's templating engine //github comments

Aragon – Everything you need to run your company on Ethereum //aragon comments

Illustrated Quicksort algorithm //now comments

Ergonomica – A cross-platform shell written in Python //github comments

Collate: Cross platform note taking app based on plain text data format //collatenotes comments


Python moved to GitHub //github comments

The Biggest and Weirdest Commits in Linux Kernel Git History //destroyallsoftware comments

Go Web Examples //github comments

JavaScript Start-up Performance //medium comments

Falcor – A JavaScript library for efficient data fetching //github comments

s3-lambda – Lambda functions over S3 objects: each, map, reduce, filter //github comments

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk (1981) //virginia comments


Getting Started with Deep Learning: A Review of Available Tools //svds comments

Scientists make huge dataset of nearby stars available to public //mit comments

Machine Learning Recipes by Google Developers //youtube comments


Master C++ Programming with Open-Source Books //ossblog comments

On Loneliness //krishnamurti-teachings comments

De-Anonymizing Web Browsing Data with Social Networks //randomwalker comments


The Essence of Linear Algebra //youtube comments

Big Picture of Calculus //youtube comments

New GM Cruise Self-Driving Video Shows More Mastery of SF Roads //driverless comments


Software developers who started after 35, 40 or 50 //belitsoft comments

How Do You Know a Developer Is Doing a Good Job? //professorbeekums comments

Why is this job not handled by a machine yet? //venturebeat comments


GitHub commit search: “remove password” //github comments

Trump2cash – A stock trading bot powered by Trump tweets //github comments

Can I Talk to that William Fellow? He was so Helpful //microsoft comments


40% of foreign students in the US have no close American friends on campus //qz comments

The Basics: Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Docker Swarm //hpe comments

A Low-Cost Solution to Traffic //governing comments

High-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes //linode comments

Live slow, die old: Mounting evidence for caloric restriction in humans //geroscience comments

Change at Buffer: The Next Phase, and Why Our Co-Founder and CTO Are Moving On //buffer comments

Pugs are anatomical disasters. Vets must speak out–even if it’s bad for business //theguardian comments

Below Deck: Filipinos make up nearly a third of all cruise ship workers //californiasunday comments

Payouts may have contribued to a talent exodus at Google's car project //bloomberg comments

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