Issue #343 // March 17, 2017

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Build a digital clock in Conway's Life //stackexchange comments

Password Rules Are Bullshit //codinghorror comments

How to never complete anything //ewanvalentine comments

Stories that Hacker News removes from the front page //sangaline comments

The Uber Bombshell About to Drop //danielcompton comments

GitLab acquires Gitter, will open-source the code //venturebeat comments

What the CIA WikiLeaks Dump Tells Us: Encryption Works //nytimes comments

Police ask for whole city's Google searches, and a judge says yes //citypages comments

Web Scraping: Bypassing “403 Forbidden,” captchas, and more //sangaline comments

Putting the Times’s First Email Address to Bed //nytimes comments


What are some good technology blogs to follow? //ycombinator

How do you set prices? //ycombinator

What do you use to align your daily todos with your long term goals? //ycombinator


Pi-hole – A black hole for Internet advertisements //pi-hole comments

Sleeping Beauty, a 7-day roguelike game //github comments

WikiHouse – Open for self-builds //wikihouse comments

Nomouse //github comments

A virtual phone number for your company based on Twilio //thisnumber comments

Raspberry Pi Zero W as a headless time-lapse camera //jeffgeerling comments

Penny (YC W17) – a personal finance coach //ycombinator

Calligraphr – Convert your calligraphy into a vector font //calligraphr comments

Miki: Makefile Wiki, Minimal makefile-based personal wiki //github comments


Introducing Create React Native App //github comments

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python //interactivepython comments

Buck – A build system developed and used by Facebook //buckbuild comments

Attitudes That Lead to Maintainable Code //atomicobject comments

Porting Ruby to Crystal //squarism comments


Simple example of machine learning in TensorFlow //github comments

Deep learning with text: Learning when to skim and when to read //metamind comments

Enabling Continual Learning in Neural Networks //deepmind comments

Neural Machine Translation and Sequence-To-sequence Models: A Tutorial //arxiv comments


Animista: a collection of ready to use CSS animations //animista comments

Practical Color Theory for People Who Code //github comments

Linting HTML using CSS //bitsofco comments

Flexbox Cheatsheet //github comments

An Encyclopedic Treatment of Type Design, Typefaces and Fonts //devroye comments


Teach Yourself Computer Science //teachyourselfcs comments

Unplanned Freefall? Some Survival Tips //greenharbor comments

Found: A Colossal Statue of Ramses II Hiding Under a Cairo Street //atlasobscura comments

Iron law of prohibition //wikipedia comments

Imperial Airship Scheme //wikipedia comments


How I Made $70k Self-Publishing a Book about Ruby on Rails //nateberkopec comments

Flying machines of Chinese farmers //bbc comments


What does Nintendo Switch and iOS 9.3 have in common? CVE-2016-4657 walk-through //youtube comments

Building Tic-Tac-Toe in a Google spreadsheet //youtube comments

Circular Runways //bbc comments


Hiring without whiteboards //github comments

How I got my dream job in the tech industry without a CS degree //billmei comments


Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds //newyorker comments

Anthony Bourdain on not having debt //wealthsimple comments


German traffic light stays red for 28 years //thelocal comments

An 85-year old millionaire hides $1M treasure in the Rocky Mountains //npr comments

The new legend of Zelda is a toy box of delights //1843magazine comments

Omnispeak – A Commander Keen Reimplementation //davidgow comments

288 Analog Clocks Give Digital Time //80limit comments


Is Facebook a Structural Threat to Free Society? //truthhawk comments

JSON Web Tokens should be avoided //paragonie comments

Silent Data Corruption Is Real //complete comments

A little-known iPhone feature that lets blind people see with their fingers //yahoo comments

Syncthing Usage Data //syncthing comments

An HTML/CSS/JS toggle switch with happy and sad emojis //codepen comments

Cold email tips I used to get 60K signups //medium comments

The Stack That Helped Opendoor Buy and Sell Over $1B in Homes //stackshare comments

Why Trello Failed to Build a $1B Business //producthabits comments

Benchmark of 100 crowdfunding videos reveals what works and how much to spend //videopixie comments

Password-less login //medium comments

First-year doctors will be allowed to work 24-hour shifts starting in July //washingtonpost comments

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