Issue #344 // March 25, 2017

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GitHub lets staff own IP developed for personal projects using company resources //qz comments

They Used To Last 50 Years //recraigslist comments

Distill: a modern machine learning journal //distill comments

YC AI //ycombinator comments

Guetzli: A New Open-Source JPEG Encoder //googleblog comments

Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers //postlight comments

Research Debt //distill comments

How I Became a Better Programmer //jlongster comments

The thriving black market of John Deere tractor hacking //vice comments

Secret colours of the Commodore 64 //aaronbell comments


What are your app monetisation strategies? //ycombinator

I got duped into working on legacy code, should I leave? //ycombinator


Netlify CMS – An open-source CMS for your Git workflow //netlifycms comments

Sudden Coffee (YC W17) – Instant coffee that doesn't suck //ycombinator

BeagleBone Blue – A complete robotics computer //beagleboard comments

I'm making 30 VR projects in 30 days to learn //risonsimon comments

TreeMaker: Origami Design Software //langorigami comments

Timg – Terminal Image Viewer //github comments


Gitlab 9.0 //gitlab comments

A Good Vimrc //dougblack comments

Aeneas – a Python audio/text aligner //github comments

A Go Library for Better Access Control //github comments

Redis as a JSON store //redislabs comments

Dawson – A Serverless Web Framework for Node.js on AWS //dawson comments

The New ‘Absent Operator’ in Ruby’s Regular Expressions //medium comments


Introducing Keras 2 //keras comments

Industrial-Strength Natural Language Processing in Python //spacy comments

Hopfield Networks in Go //mlexplore comments

Machine Learning in Python: free curriculum //springboard comments


U.S. Web Design Standards 1.0 //usa comments

Digital picture converted to string art patterns //artof01 comments


The Logic Behind Japanese Sentence Structure //8020japanese comments

How to Learn New Things as an Adult //theatlantic comments

Tamil Bell //wikipedia comments

Whiteboard problems in pure Lambda Calculus //jtolds comments


Immersive Linear Algebra – textbook with fully interactive figures //immersivemath comments

Beautiful Online SICP //github comments

Ask HN: Best books on AI? //ycombinator

How to write a recursive descent parser //craftinginterpreters comments


YouTube channels for entrepreneurs //yalabot comments

Leslie Lamport: Video course on TLA+ //azurewebsites comments

Reddit Is Being Manipulated by Professional Shills //youtube comments

Recreating the “Asteroids” graphics with a single-beam laser projector //youtube comments

Sketchpad III Demo (1963) //youtube comments


Acing the technical interview //aphyr comments

Fossjobs: A website for free and open-source software jobs //fossjobs comments

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working To Excess //newyorker comments

High-performance employees need quieter work spaces //qz comments


Tears //meltingasphalt comments

Young men dropping out of the job market to spend time in an alternate reality //1843magazine comments

Hikikomori: The Postmodern Hermits of Japan //warscapes comments


Trolling the Entire Internet //codeword comments

How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow, Japanese Style //atlasobscura comments

Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams on simulating most complex magic system ever //pcgamer comments

A plan to build a ship tunnel //newatlas comments


2038: Only 21 years away //lwn comments

Tesla to raise $1B //tesla comments

“Dig once” bill could bring fiber Internet to much of the US //arstechnica comments

Google Glass is getting a second life in the manufacturing industry //npr comments

Michael Seibel, CEO of YC, is doing an AMA //ycombinator comments

Breaks Observed in Rover Wheel Treads //nasa comments

Developer Preview of Android O //googleblog comments

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