Issue #347 // April 14, 2017

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We’re dropping Google Ads //groundup comments

IndieHackers.com acquired by Stripe //indiehackers comments

PhantomJS: Stepping down as maintainer //google comments

Jeff Bezos’ Annual Letter //sec comments

Does it scale? Who cares //jacquesmattheij comments

How I Used Twilio, Python and Google to Automate My Wedding //twilio comments

Removing Home Internet Is the Most Productive Thing I've Done //theminimalists comments

Historian: Because Please Stop Deleting My Bash History //undertitled comments

How do you make programmers work 60-80 hours per week? //brianknapp comments

Visual Studio Code: Shipping One of the Largest Microsoft JavaScript Apps //realm comments

How a Large Customer Can Kill a Startup //howardlove comments


Do you still use browser bookmarks? //ycombinator

Mailing lists that HN readers ought to know about? //ycombinator

How much of your time at work do you spend not working? //ycombinator


Remove United from your flight results //dropunited comments

Introducing Increment //stripe comments

File Format Posters //github comments

Introducing Twitter Lite //twitter comments

A directory of the best free resources for remote workers and nomads //remotestash comments

In love with the BBC micro:bit //markshroyer comments

LOT – A subscription-based service which distributes a basic set of clothing //lot2046 comments

Whereami – Using WiFi signals and machine learning to predict where you are //github comments

Dnote – Instantly Capture Your Coding Wisdom //dnote comments

Clac – A command-line, stack-based calculator with postfix notation //github comments


React v15.5.0 //github comments

TypeScript at Slack //slack comments

Planck.js – JavaScript rewrite of Box2D physics library //github comments

Qt binding for Go with support for all major operating systems //github comments

Cayley – An open-source graph database //github comments

Ponzu – An open-source HTTP server framework and CMS in Go //github comments

Dale – A Lisp-flavoured C //github comments

Web Development in Go //inburke comments


Autodraw – Fast Drawing for Everyone //blog comments

Material Design Color Tool //material comments


What is this colored fiber in my chicken? //stackexchange comments

Fourier transform – A math tool used in optics, MP3s, JPEGs and more //nautil comments

Low-Level Programming University – A roadmap to becoming a low-level programmer //github comments

Abductive Logic Programming //wikipedia comments


The BEAM Book – A Description of the Erlang RTS and the Virtual Machine BEAM //github comments

The vision of nuclear holocaust in Threads (1984) remains visceral and urgent //theparisreview comments

America's biggest new reading trend: obsessed with multitasking via audio books //qz comments

Green Tea Press – Free Books by Allen Downey //greenteapress comments


Color Night Vision //kottke comments

How I Made My Own iPhone in China //youtube comments

How ski lifts are installed: Vail's new Chair 5 //youtube comments

My giant JavaScript Basics course is now on YouTube //freecodecamp comments


New York City bans employers from asking potential workers about past salary //nytimes comments

The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews //nytimes comments

Programmers are most likely to work from home //qz comments


Ultima VI //filfre comments

Behind the Scenes of Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel //rollingstone comments

What My Stroke Taught Me //nautil comments


A girl was found living among monkeys in an Indian forest //washingtonpost comments

High school journalists investigated a new principal’s credentials //washingtonpost comments


LuaGB – A Gameboy emulator written in pure Lua //github comments

NASA Unveils Searchable Video, Audio and Imagery Library //nasa comments

“Let’s have some fun I’m offering two grants of $5,000 for whatever you want” //twitter comments


A man wouldn’t leave an overbooked United flight, so he was dragged off //washingtonpost comments

Jeff Bezos Is Selling $1B a Year in Amazon Stock to Finance Race to Space //nytimes comments

The Minimally-Nice Open Source Software Maintainer //github comments

Apple has a secret team working on the holy grail for treating diabetes //cnbc comments

In Event of Moon Disaster (1969) //lettersofnote comments

Uber reportedly tracked Lyft drivers using a program named ‘Hell’ //techcrunch comments

Analysis of the Facebook app for iOS //timac comments

The rise of super-voting shares has given founders the ultimate job security //backchannel comments

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