Issue #351 // May 12, 2017

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Get started making music //ableton comments

A crashed advertisement reveals logs of a facial recognition system //twitter comments

Wikimedia Foundation spending //wikipedia comments

Net neutrality is in jeopardy again //mozilla comments

Solar Roof //tesla comments

How Stripe teaches employees to code //stripe comments

Sorting Two Tons of Lego, the Software Side //jacquesmattheij comments

Making a Game in Rust //michaelfairley comments

How Scratch teaches kids to follow the hacker ethic //backchannel comments

A Look Inside Airbus’s Alabama Assembly Line //nytimes comments

Vimflowy – A productivity tool drawing inspiration from Workflowy and Vim //github comments


Should I create a clone of a popular SaaS with rock-bottom pricing? //ycombinator

What's your working day like? //ycombinator

What do you do when you've lost motivation at work? //ycombinator


CockroachDB 1.0 //cockroachlabs comments

SQL Notebook //sqlnotebook comments

Amazon Echo Show //amazon comments

Britecharts: D3.js based charting library of components //github comments

Total.js Messenger – A small alternative to Slack //totaljs comments

Host your own Wayback-Machine archive of Pocket articles //github comments

Flow Dashboard – open-source habit tracker and personal analytics app //flowdash comments

Ora.pm – New task management service //ora comments

An expense manager built using Google Sheets //github comments


The Horror in the Standard Library //zerotier comments

Why does Google prepend while(1); to their JSON responses? //stackoverflow comments

The tragedy of 100% code coverage //ig comments

Visual Studio for Mac //visualstudio comments

Sinatra 2.0 released //github comments

Gixy: Nginx Configuration Static Analyzer //github comments

Insomnia REST Client now open-source //insomnia comments


A novel approach to neural machine translation //facebook comments

Ask HN: Is it a waste of time to teach yourself data science without a degree? //ycombinator

Automated Machine Learning – A Paradigm Shift Airbnb //medium comments


Gallery of programming UIs //google comments

How to shoot on iPhone 7 //apple comments

Sakura - a minimal classless css theme. Just drop it in and done. //github comments


Unmanned U.S. Air Force space plane lands after secret, two-year mission //reuters comments

The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards //jamesclear comments

Same Stats, Different Graphs: Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Stats //autodeskresearch comments

Europe’s Famed Bog Bodies Are Starting to Reveal Their Secrets //smithsonianmag comments


Ways to Read More Books //hbr comments

100M Books – Open a new tab, discover a new book //100millionbooks comments

I wrote a book about Design Ethics called Tragic Design //ycombinator


Alan Kay at Startup School //startupschool comments

How to Create a Neural Network in JavaScript //scrimba comments

Startup School 9: Alex Schultz, How to Grow //startupschool comments

Why I like Vim so much //youtube comments

Elon Musk's TED 2017 Full Interview //youtube comments

Coding “Snake” in 4 min 30 sec (no engine or library) //youtube comments


How much do hedge fund traders earn? //80000hours comments

More Robots, Fewer Jobs: capital vs. labor in production //bloomberg comments


Self-Compassion Works Better Than Self-Esteem //theatlantic comments

A lot we know about pirates is not true, and a lot of what is true is not known //neh comments


Fixing a bug in “Airwolf” code from 1984 //youtube comments

3D scanning like a pro //kurokesu comments

Science Fiction Interfaces //sciencefictioninterfaces comments

Trying to make a pretty book lamp //sam comments


Drone Uses AI and 11,500 Crashes to Learn How to Fly //ieee comments

Startup Graveyard – History Shouldn't Have to Repeat Itself //startupgraveyard comments

Soylent Closes $50M Series B Round Led by GV //soylent comments

Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable //nytimes comments

Snap Inc. Reports First Quarter 2017 Results //snap comments

To Stay Married, Embrace Change //nytimes comments

Microsoft Build 2017 //msdn comments

Lake Michigan Is So Clear Its Shipwrecks Are Visible from the Air //smithsonianmag comments

Digging in the Trash //bittersoutherner comments

Zillow faces lawsuit over ‘Zestimate’ tool that calculates a house’s worth //washingtonpost comments

Google’s “Fuchsia” smartphone OS dumps Linux, has a wild new UI //arstechnica comments

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