Issue #353 // May 26, 2017

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The largest Git repo //microsoft comments

1Password Travel Mode: Protect your data when crossing borders //agilebits comments

U.S. top court tightens patent suit rules in blow to ‘patent trolls’ //reuters comments

Get your loved ones off Facebook //salimvirani comments

Little Things I Like to Do with Git //csswizardry comments

How a 64k intro is made //lofibucket comments

Learn Kotlin in Y Minutes //learnxinyminutes comments

Linux utils that you might not know //shiroyasha comments

What was Syria like before the war //searchingforsyria comments

I wrote the SQL query in 5 mins. Why does my engineer say it will take a month? //wtfismyengineertalkingabout comments

Mavo: An HTML-based language for creating many kinds of web applications //verou comments


How do I switch from being a passive consumer to an active producer? //ycombinator

How can I do social good through programming? //ycombinator

How do you become productive in a new project as a senior developer? //ycombinator

Starting a project today, which web framework would you use? //ycombinator


New Surface Pro //microsoft comments

The Blockstack Browser: A Gateway to a New, Decentralized Internet //blockstack comments

ORY Editor – A rich editor for the browser, built with React and Redux //github comments

Workspaces for Mac 1.0 //apptorium comments

Real-time notes app built with Vue.js, inspired by Notational Velocity //notational comments

Twilio Functions – Public Beta //twilio comments

Interactively explore different map projections //mjmdavis comments


Graphcool – Serverless GraphQL Back End //graph comments

Enough with the microservices //aadrake comments

GitHub announcements: Marketplace, Apps and GraphQL API //github comments

Bootsnap: Optimizing Ruby App Boot Time //shopify comments

DevOps is a culture, not a role //jlelse comments

Tisp: Time is space programming language //github comments


Don't use Hadoop when your data isn't that big //chrisstucchio comments

Google starts tracking what people buy in physical stores //latimes comments

Big Data for Big Business? A Taxonomy of Data-Driven Business Models //medium comments


When TV Logos Were Physical Objects //thisiscolossal comments

Design principle: IKEA effect //uxplanet comments

Better Form Design: One Thing per Page //smashingmagazine comments


Who Owns England? //whoownsengland comments

How Much Does it Cost to Climb Mount Everest? //alanarnette comments

Learning to break ciphers //littlemaninmyhead comments

Iron Nitride Permanent Magnets – An Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets //umn comments


PyCon 2017 – Talk videos //youtube comments

Interview with Ed McManus, Technical Advisor for HBO’s Silicon Valley //ycombinator comments

Startup School 14: How to Think About PR – Sharon Pope //startupschool comments


Let employees work from home //midnightdba comments

Why American Workers Now Dress So Casually //theatlantic comments

CEOs Want Their Offices Back //wsj comments

The Unfreeing of American Workers //nytimes comments

At Google, an Employee-Run Email List Tracks Harassment and Bias Complaints //bloomberg comments


Why I Quit Being So Accommodating (1922) //mikecanex comments

‘The Wire’ – Game Day //theundefeated comments


Helping a Million Developers Exit Vim //stackoverflow comments

42-inch yacht still hoping to become the smallest boat to cross the Atlantic //yachtingworld comments

A working, transistor-scale replica of the MOS 6502 microprocessor //monster6502 comments


Robots that learn //openai comments

Google and IBM announce Istio – easily secure and manage microservices //ibm comments

America’s Cars Are Getting Faster and More Efficient //bloomberg comments

Maine Is Drowning in Lobsters //bloomberg comments

Etsy is under pressure to start acting more like a conventional company //bloomberg comments

300 miles of secret UK cycle paths have been discovered [audio] //bbc comments

Google in, Google out //techcrunch comments

SaaS Pricing (2013) //kalzumeus comments

The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 4: The only thing that matters (2007) //pmarchive comments

Why I love the Detroit startup scene //venturebeat comments

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