Issue #354 // June 02, 2017

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Facebook is an attack on the open web //daringfireball comments

Fireflies //ncase comments

Trickle-down workaholism in startups //signalvnoise comments

SCOTUS: Patent Rights Over a Printer Cartridge Are Exhausted When It Is Sold //cornell comments

Pinboard Acquires Delicious //pinboard comments

How to Sleep //theatlantic comments

How to Improve a Legacy Codebase //jacquesmattheij comments

Chrome Won //andreasgal comments

Browse Against the Machine //medium comments

A Year of Google and Apple Maps //justinobeirne comments

Why do so few people major in computer science? //danwang comments

Paul Allen's new rocket-launching plane //arstechnica comments


What are some examples of successful single-person businesses? //ycombinator

I don't want to be a founder anymore //ycombinator

Which games are you playing in free time? //ycombinator


TLDR Stock Options //tldroptions comments

Tad, a tabular data viewer //tadviewer comments

Essential Products – Andy Rubin’s new hardware company //essential comments

Early-stage Yahoo Pipes spiritual successor //pipes comments

Stripe Sigma //stripe comments

Dat – Distributed Dataset Synchronization and Versioning //github comments

100K sentences mined from Wikipedia to help non-native English learners //buildmyvocab comments

Slap – A Sublime-like terminal-based text editor //github comments

Legion, an as-simple-as-possible blockchain server written in Haskell //github comments


Node v8.0.0 Released //nodejs comments

MoonScript, a programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua //moonscript comments

Writing a Fast JSON Parser //chadaustin comments

Readable Clojure //tonsky comments

Writing a Unix Shell //github comments

Ask HN: Good Go codebases to read? //ycombinator


Mosaic: processing a trillion-edge graph on a single machine //acolyer comments

Improving Stack Overflow jobs search with machine learning and R //medium comments

Agens Graph – PostgreSQL Based Graph Database //agensgraph comments


Enough with the dead butterflies //emilydamstra comments

Scientists Crack a 50-Year-Old Mystery About the Measles Vaccine //npr comments

First Science Results from NASA’s Juno Mission //nasa comments


Linux Inside – How the Linux Kernel Works //gitbooks comments

Underscore's Scala books are now open source //underscore comments

At Amazon’s Bookstore, No Coffee but All the Data You Can Drink //nytimes comments

A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming [pdf] //umn comments


Video Analysis of Erdogan's security detail brawl in Washington //nytimes comments

Jailbreaking Super Mario World to Install a Hex Editor and Mod Loader //youtube comments

V8, Advanced JavaScript, and the Next Performance Frontier //youtube comments

Matchbox Cars Design and Production (1965) //youtube comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

It's Never Too Early to Fire //a16z comments

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator


A WebAssembly game demo //funkykarts comments

Ask HN: Lost $400k USD in a deleted email, how contact a Gmail engineer? //ycombinator

Lost Joys of the Screen Saver //theparisreview comments

After Dark in CSS //bryanbraun comments


Goodbye PNaCl, Hello WebAssembly //chromium comments

View Counting at Reddit //redditblog comments

PostmarketOS: Aiming for a 10 year life-cycle for smartphones //github comments

Tallest Lego building with 4 pieces? //medium comments

Paul Buchheit on Lessons Learned from Investing in 200 Startups //ycombinator comments

Server room with seismic isolation floor in Japan earthquake disaster //youtube comments

Distributed Consensus – How Shared Data Is Stored //medium comments

Upstart – Find newsletters to promote your business or side projects //upstart comments

Green Threads Explained //c9x comments

Switching From React To Vue.js //vuejsdevelopers comments

Thoughts on Tokens //medium comments

Golden Carrots //medium comments

Performance notes //traintimes comments

How to read more: Simple three-step system //deanyeong comments

Bootstrapping Side Projects into Profitable Startups //levels comments

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