Issue #357 // June 23, 2017

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Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O. //nytimes comments

Georgia Tech's free math textbook collective //gatech comments

Euro MPs back end-to-end encryption for all citizens //bbc comments

Your own company? You can do it. //jacquesmattheij comments

Stop Buying Things and Start Borrowing Them //aspiration comments

Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging //doist comments

Amazon’s New Customer //stratechery comments

VisuAlgo – visualising data structures and algorithms through animation //visualgo comments

My biggest mistake as an F1 engineer //linkedin comments

Firefox Network Monitor Reloaded – Part 1 //mozilla comments


What do you want to see in Debian 10 (“buster”)? //ycombinator

My company has been acquired and I'm kicked out. What should I do now? //ycombinator

What personal finance advice would you give your 25yo self ? //ycombinator


Google Jobs Search //blog comments

ProtonVPN //protonvpn comments

Copyfish – Extract text from images, videos or PDF //mozilla comments

NBox – Sign up anywhere without giving your email address //notif comments

Version Control for Microsoft Word //simuldocs comments

Upstart.me – Find newsletters to promote your startup //upstart comments

Twist – Mindful Team Communication //twistapp comments

ShakyDraw – Hand-drawn block diagrams from plain text //shakydraw comments

Termplay: Play videos in your terminal //github comments

bash.rocks – A bash interpreter in the browser //bash comments


Luna – Visual and textual functional programming language //luna-lang comments

Bugs You'll Probably Only Have in Rust //github comments

Decaffeinate converts CoffeeScript projects to modern JS //github comments

New features you can't use unless you are in Python 3 //asmeurer comments

How is Ruby different in Japan? //squarespace comments

Cell – A self-driving web app framework //celljs comments

Macaron: a high productive and modular web framework in Go //go-macaron comments


Google Releases New TensorFlow Object Detection API //techcrunch comments

Tabs, spaces and your salary – how is it really? //evelinag comments


Spectral, the first parametric Google font //prototypo comments

GoldenLayout – build multi-screen webapps //golden-layout comments


What works in e-commerce – A meta-analysis of online experiments [pdf] //qubit comments

Intro to SDR and RF Signal Analysis //elttam comments

Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy //rice comments

1903 Parrot Academy That Taught Birds to Speak Using Phonographs //atlasobscura comments


Classic Papers: Articles That Have Stood the Test of Time //googleblog comments

A homeless man who turned his life around by offering book reviews //one comments

Algorithm Cookbook in Rust //github comments

The world's largest library of historical European martial arts books //wiktenauer comments


If companies interviewed translators the way they interview coders //freecodecamp comments

We analyzed thousands of interviews on everything from language to code style //interviewing comments

Working the System at a BigCo //expatsoftware comments

Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create //mit comments


My Uber driver robbed me, so I took Uber to court and won //fymhotsauce comments

The most accurate map for August 21’s total solar eclipse //nasa comments

Thousands of bird sounds visualized using Google machine learning //withgoogle comments

Mars, Moon on Google Maps //google comments


Teller – API for your bank account //teller comments

Reddit Is Raising Funds at a Valuation of $1.7B //bloomberg comments

The Old Are Eating the Young //bloomberg comments

Media Companies Are Getting Sick of Facebook //bloomberg comments

How sandboxing works in Fuchsia //googlesource comments

The Liver: A ‘Blob’ That Runs the Body //nytimes comments

Chrome 60 Beta //chromium comments

Backup and Sync from Google available soon //googleblog comments

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