Issue #358 // June 30, 2017

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An easter egg for one user: Luke Skywalker //einaregilsson comments

The Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity //uchicago comments

European Commission fines Google €2.42B for abusing dominance //europa comments

Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I've automated my job? //stackexchange comments

Zillow forces McMansion Hell to delete posts //mcmansionhell

rethinks //mcmansionhell comments

On Starting a Software Business //stephaniehurlburt comments

SpaceX successfully launches and recovers second Falcon 9 in 48 hours //techcrunch comments

How I learned to code in my 30s //medium comments

We Analyzed 100M Headlines //buzzsumo comments

What It Costs to Open a Restaurant in San Francisco //eater comments


A good primer on cryptocurrencies? //ycombinator

How can I get better at bash? //ycombinator

Why are credit card chip readers so slow? //ycombinator

As an employee of a company, how do you assess its health? //ycombinator


Magic-Wormhole – Get things from one computer to another, safely //github comments

GreenPiThumb – A Raspberry Pi Gardening Bot //mtlynch comments

Pencil – an open-source GUI prototyping tool for all platforms //github comments

Insect – a high-precision scientific calculator with physical units //insect comments

Sourcetrail – Get productive on unfamiliar source code //sourcetrail comments

Hackerhunt – categorised curation of submissions //hackerhunt comments

3D Packing for 3D Printing //michaelfogleman comments

Tesoro – Personal internet archive //tesoro comments


TDD did not live up to expectations //microsoft comments

Google Web Starter Kit //google comments

1kb JavaScript library for building front end applications //github comments

Learn React with Copywork //daveceddia comments

A new approach to text rendering //atom comments

Stanford Code From Cars That Entered DARPA Grand Challenges //sourceforge comments


The Best Machine Learning, NLP, and Python Tutorials I’ve Found //unsupervisedmethods comments

Analyzing Cryptocurrencies Using PostgreSQL //timescale comments

TensorFlow-World: Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow //github comments


How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists //lse comments

Ask HN: What's your process for learning? //ycombinator

Hexagonal Grids //redblobgames comments

Alexander Graham Bell’s Tetrahedral Kites //publicdomainreview comments


Ask HN: What are the best books on modern computer graphics? //ycombinator

The Common Lisp Cookbook //github comments

O’Reilly Media has stopped retailing books directly on its ecommerce store //oreilly comments

A Jordan Bookseller’s 24-Hour ‘Emergency Room for the Mind’ //atlasobscura comments


Female Founders Conference Live Stream //ycombinator comments

Haxl: Making Concurrency Unreasonably Easy //techcast comments

How the creative deceptions of the Ghost Army helped win WWII //timeline comments


Take Naps at Work //nytimes comments

The CTO Journey at a Small Startup //zapier comments

Seattle’s higher minimum wage is actually working fine //washingtonpost comments

Reduce your startup's payroll taxes through the new Federal R&D Tax Credit //gusto comments


Everything I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Demoing SaaS //thebetterstory comments

Crash Bandicoot: An oral history //polygon comments


Science-based games – a collaborative list //github comments

Binary Puzzle //binarypuzzle comments

Hexgame //andrewbelt comments


Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads //bloomberg comments

A Cyberattack 'the World Isn’t Ready For' //nytimes comments

2D Syntax //racket-lang comments

14 People Make 500K Tons of Steel a Year in Austria //bloomberg comments

MIT’s gas-powered drone is able to stay in the air for five days at a time //techcrunch comments

Designing state machines //drivy comments

Facebook Hits 2 Billion Users //facebook comments

Learn to Read Code //kylesletten comments

Who Americans spend their time with //theatlas comments

iOS 11 turns the iPad into a different machine //techcrunch comments

Generate your own sounds with NSynth //tensorflow comments

Ten Weeks with Y Combinator’s Startup School //medium comments

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