Issue #359 // July 07, 2017

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Silicon Valley Women, in Cultural Shift, Frankly Describe Sexual Harassment //nytimes comments

Making a virtual machine in Google Sheets //github comments

Wildcard Certificates Coming January 2018 //letsencrypt comments

It is as if you were doing work //github comments

Scott's Cheap Flights: Growing a small side project into a booming business //indiehackers comments

Thoughts on Insurance //ycombinator comments

Mental health is still an issue in the workplace //medium comments

My own private basic income //opendemocracy comments

Enough //signalvnoise comments

How ‘Critical User Journeys’ can help a product take off //medium comments


What habits make a programmer great? //ycombinator

What ways have worked for you to overcome 'imposter syndrome'? //ycombinator


A virtual machine made with Google Sheets formulas (no script) //ycombinator

VisiData – vi for data //github comments

Elvish: friendly and expressive shell for Linux, macOS and BSDs //elvish comments

Home automation with Raspberry Pi, Node and React //viktorkirilov comments

Artpip – 4k fine art for your desktop //artpip comments


Let's Code a TCP/IP Stack: TCP Retransmission //saminiir comments

Django vs. Flask //git-pull comments

Skip grep, use awk //jpalardy comments

Pattern-defeating quicksort //github comments

Under the hood ReactJS //github comments

A set of best practices for JavaScript projects //github comments

Cicada – Unix shell written in Rust //github comments


In 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in outer space //npr comments

Two Decades of Recommender Systems at Amazon.com //computer comments

How do whales and dolphins sleep without drowning? //scientificamerican comments

Northeast blackout of 2003 //wikipedia comments

Transfer of atomic mass with a photon solves the momentum paradox of light //aalto comments


John Carmack Archive – Interviews [pdf] //fabiensanglard comments

Do 20 pages of a book gives you 90% of its words? //vocapouch comments

LeVar Burton Reads //art19 comments


Busy to Death //barryoreilly comments

Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: What are some of the best job boards you have seen? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator


What Is Space? //nautil comments

The Life, Death, and Legacy of iPhone Jailbreaking //vice comments


“Which word begins with “y” and looks like an axe in this picture?” //stackexchange comments

Regex Puzzle //bbc comments

Block-breaking game in vim 8.0 //github comments

Finance sites erroneously show Amazon, Apple, other stocks crashing //marketwatch comments


I'm not a Woman in Tech //communequation comments

Tesla Model 3 Hits Production //nytimes comments

Saved by Alice //eff comments

I'm a creep. I'm sorry //500hats comments

I ask 100 information questions to four digital assistants //d2dx comments

The Rise of the Thought Leader //newrepublic comments

An Ikea Bowl Has Been Setting Things on Fire //atlasobscura comments

Dropbox Is Getting Ready for IPO //fortune comments

Rolling Shutter Simulation in C //nullprogram comments

An old idea to make cities more pedestrian-friendly: pedestrian scrambles //governing comments

Commander Keen Level Maps //commander-keen comments

Jawbone is being liquidated as its CEO launches a related health startup //techcrunch comments

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