Issue #372 // October 06, 2017

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It’s time to give Firefox another chance //techcrunch comments

A Pre-History of Slashdot //medium comments

Mathematical games interesting to both you and a five-year-old child //mathoverflow comments

Interactive Vim tutorial //openvim comments

Facebook Lies //learmonth comments

Productive on six hours of sleep? You’re deluding yourself, expert says //chicagotribune comments

1947 Imperial and Chrysler Service Book – Cam Ground Piston //imperialclub comments

Visualizing Your Ruby Heap //tenderlovemaking comments

Wayback Machine Playback, now with Timestamps //archive comments


Colony: A platform for open organizations //colony comments

Google Pixelbook – A High Performance Chromebook //google comments

PopSQL – Modern, collaborative SQL editor for your team //popsql comments

ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Goes Retro //anandtech comments

ARKit Playground – Make AR experiences from your browser //expo comments

The C64 Mini Computer //thec64 comments

Build circuit boards faster with computer vision //snapeda comments

Encrypted VPN in 2k lines of Go //github comments


Draggable JS – a lightweight, responsive, modern drag-and-drop library //github comments

Diminishing returns of static typing //merovius comments

Matcha – A framework for building iOS and Android apps in Go //github comments

Cheatsheet for the modern JavaScript //github comments

A Lua 5.3 VM and compiler written in Go //github comments

Alice in Python projectland //github comments

Deliver software faster by managing work in progress, not by adding overtime //soundcloud comments


Stripe Elements //stripe comments

3D crosswalk in Iceland helps slow down speeding motorists //visir comments

Japanese Vending Machines at Night Juxtaposed with a Wintry Hokkaido Landscape //spoon-tamago comments

Evolving the Dropbox Brand //dropbox comments


Von Neumann-Landauer limit //wikipedia comments

NASA Designed a Low-Tech Rover to Survive Venus //wired comments

Pipe Logic – Simulating circuits in the Unix shell //linusakesson comments

Calculating the Distance Between Points in Wrap Around (Toroidal) Space //demofox comments


The Logic of Risk Taking //medium comments

The Red Atlas: How the Soviet Union Mapped the World //redatlasbook comments

Programming Models for Distributed Computation Book //github comments


Interview with Mr. Money Mustache //ycombinator comments

Mexico's 7.2 Earthquake from a transit camera //twitter comments

What Is a Neural Network? //youtube comments

Every Dumb Startup Ever //youtube comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Is the Rise of Contract Workers Killing Upward Mobility? //upenn comments

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator


Death of an Heir: Adolph Coors III and the Murder That Rocked a Brewing Dynasty //longreads comments

When Citi Bikes Are Faster Than Taxis in New York City //toddwschneider comments


Photos of Soviet control rooms //presentandcorrect comments

Never Completed Game //nevercompletedgame comments

Js13kGames Winners – JavaScript games with a file size limit of 13KB //js13kgames comments

Watch All the Apple TV Aerial Video Screensavers //benjaminmayo comments


A “right to repair” movement tools up //economist comments

Giving you more characters //twitter comments

Google and Facebook Have Failed Us //theatlantic comments

Fresh Horrors from Equifax CEO Richard Smith's Congressional Hearing //wired comments

Air France A380 over Greenland on Sep 30th: Fan and engine inlet separated //avherald comments

A successful Git branching model //nvie comments

Git, Graphs and Software Engineering //third-bit comments

Google Unveils Tools to Increase Subscriptions for Publishers //nytimes comments

Adafruit's Read-Only Raspberry Pi //raspberrypi comments

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