Issue #373 // October 13, 2017

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Keybase launches encrypted Git //keybase comments

iOS Privacy: Easily get a user's Apple ID password, just by asking //krausefx comments

Five minute guide to better typography //pierrickcalvez comments

The Depression Thing //zachholman comments

150 days of living and coding in a van //github comments

Dangers of CSV Injection //georgemauer comments

A Little Story About the `yes` Unix Command //matthias-endler comments

What happened when I opened a restaurant in Portland //wweek comments

How to Learn Vim: A Four Week Plan //medium comments

Changing Lanes //99percentinvisible comments


What non-work task have you automated? //ycombinator

My house might burn down in the next 24 hours. Suggestions? //ycombinator

What essay/blogpost do you keep going back to reread? //ycombinator


Firefox Send: Private, Encrypted File Sharing //firefox comments

A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find //github comments

Teachable Machine: Teach a machine using your camera //blog comments

Librem 5 Phone Funded //puri comments

A platform for sharing DIY solar projects //sunboxlabs comments

GitHub Discover //github comments

Doitlive, a tool for live presentations in the terminal //readthedocs comments

Min – A smarter web browser //github comments

Google Clips is a new wearable camera //techcrunch comments


PostgreSQL 10 Released //postgresql comments

Building a Real-Time Collaborative Text Editor //digitalfreepen comments

Go Python, Go: Stream Processing for Python //wallaroolabs comments

Rat: Compose shell commands to build interactive terminal apps //github comments

Cthulhu: Organizing Go Code in a Scalable Repo //digitalocean comments

Exploding Git Repositories //kate comments


How machine learning finds new music at Spotify //hackernoon comments

Google Data Studio //google comments

Applied Machine Learning: A Less Confusing Guide //udarajay comments

A Data-Driven Guide to Becoming a Consistent Billionaire //theartandscienceofdata comments


Redesigning the smartphone dial pad //uxdesign comments

Optical Effects in User Interfaces //muz comments

A ski resort used a 1-star review in its ads, so now I’m inspired //medium comments


RIP the Broccoli Tree //kottke comments

How to Be a Know-It-All //newyorker comments

Origins and History of Unix, 1969-1995 //catb comments


Designing Data-Intensive Applications //dataintensive comments

The Land of Lisp //landoflisp comments

Books from 1923 to 1941 Now Liberated //archive comments

Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition //redbook comments

Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd edition //eloquentjavascript comments

An introduction to North Korean graphic design //creativereview comments

“The Domestic Dog”, featuring two decades of new evidence //scientificamerican comments

Humble Book Bundle: Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency //humblebundle comments


Competitive Self-Play //openai comments

John Carmack's Keynote at Oculus 4 //facebook comments

SpaceX Iridium-3 Mission Launching Stream //youtube comments

This Video of How Medieval People Walked Is Oddly Compelling //jezebel comments


In 1973, I invented Baileys //irishtimes comments

The Ainu, the Indigenous people of Japan //hakaimagazine comments

The Last Invention of Man //nautil comments

The Volcano That Shrouded the Earth and Gave Birth to a Monster //nautil comments


Pencil and Paper Games //papg comments

Lost Laughs in Leisure Suit Larry //shamusyoung comments

The 7th Continent: An ambitious Choose Your Own Adventure-inspired board game //arstechnica comments


Tracking friends and strangers using WhatsApp //robertheaton comments

Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History //krebsonsecurity comments

I/O Access Methods for Linux //scylladb comments

Debian 9.2 released //debian comments

Equifax takes down web page after reports of new hack //reuters comments

Strategies for offline PGP key storage //lwn comments

GitLab raises $20M Series C round led by GV //techcrunch comments

Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS //bloomberg comments

Disqus Security Alert: User Info Breach //disqus comments

Dropbox taking entire building in Mission Bay – biggest lease in city history //sfchronicle comments

FBI Hunt for 2 Missing Pigs Reveals Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms //theintercept comments

Joining Google to better explain search //dannysullivan comments

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