Issue #386 // January 19, 2018

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Google Memory Loss //tbray comments

Aaron, 5 years later //bensw comments

Start Your Own ISP //startyourownisp comments

Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea //qz comments

Walkable Streets Are More Economically Productive //strongtowns comments

Legends of the Ancient Web (2017) //idlewords comments

Crooked Style Sheeding – Webpage tracking using only CSS //github comments

Advice for First Time Founders //ycombinator comments

It is not possible to detect and block Chrome headless //intoli comments

Nintendo Labo Official Site //nintendo comments


What influenced your personal growth the most? //ycombinator

As an adult introvertish nerd what makes you happy? //ycombinator


JS Paint – A web-based MS Paint remake //jspaint comments

Wine 3.0 Released //winehq comments

Yuzu – Nintendo Switch Emulator //github comments

Jitsi: Open-Source Video Conferencing //jitsi comments

Microsoft MakeCode //makecode comments

Chinese Text Project //ctext comments

Piknik – Copy and paste anything over the network //github comments


Firefox’s new streaming and tiering compiler //mozilla comments

Luna 1.0 Beta is out //luna-lang comments

Twirp: A new RPC framework for Go //twitch comments

Mocker: A crappy imitation of Docker, written in 100% Python //github comments

Reasons for Ruby-Ists to Use Crystal //crystal-lang comments

Paper Programs – run JavaScript on pieces of paper //paperprograms comments


Turning web design mockups into code with Deep Learning //floydhub comments

Ask HN: Best introductory video courses on ML and Deep Learning? //ycombinator comments

The Google Brain Team – Looking Back on 2017 //googleblog comments

TensorFlow-Resources – Organized and Useful Resources about TensorFlow //github comments


The Making of Apple’s Emoji: How designing these tiny icons changed my life //medium comments

Bootstrap 4 //getbootstrap comments

Skia: an open source 2D graphics library //skia comments


The screen that set off the ballistic missile alert on Saturday //twitter comments

Black Death 'spread by humans not rats' //bbc comments

Sussman anomaly //wikipedia comments

Lojban //wikipedia comments

Solresol //wikipedia comments


Classic RAND Papers //rand comments

SQL Indexing and Tuning E-Book for Developers //use-the-index-luke comments


CMU 15-721 Advanced Database Systems //youtube comments

MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning //youtube comments

Indistinguishable from Magic: Manufacturing Modern Computer Chips //youtube comments

Your Mind Is Eight-Dimensional – How Algebraic Topology Is Unlocking //youtube comments

Simone Giertz makes a living creating crappy robots //qz comments


On being an Engineering Manager //codeplease comments

The Stress of Remote Working //hackernoon comments

Why People Really Quit Their Jobs //hbr comments


The Real Adam Smith //aeon comments

Death by Derivatives //damninteresting comments


GPU Fluid //benedikt-bitterli comments

Genact – A nonsense activity generator //github comments

Neopets HTML Guide //neopets comments

Reading disks from 1988 in 2018 //sixcolors comments

`curl parrot.live` //github comments


Mozilla Files Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality //mozilla comments

An Experimental Course on Operating Systems //stanford comments

System Bus Radio: Transmits AM radio on computers without transmitting hardware //github comments

CES Was Full of Useless Robots and Machines That Don’t Work //thedailybeast comments

Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria's $76M Debt to Japan //globalcitizen comments

Amazon announces candidate cities for HQ2 //amazon comments

Trends to Avoid When Founding a Startup //fast comments

MacBook Pro? No //shahidkamal comments

Cape Town could be the first city to run out of water //bbc comments

Making tab switching faster in Firefox with tab warming //mikeconley comments

Client cheques that I rejected //oursky comments

China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ and it seems to be working //scmp comments

How to build a startup – without quitting your day job //medium comments

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