Issue #387 // January 26, 2018

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Linus Torvalds: “Somebody is pushing complete garbage for unclear reasons.” //iu comments

The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018 //dwmkerr comments

DuckDuckGo moves beyond search to also protect you while browsing //spreadprivacy comments

Reality has a surprising amount of detail //johnsalvatier comments

Laws of UX //lawsofux comments

Building an Operating System for the Raspberry Pi //github comments

Amazon Go and the Future //stratechery comments

Building a Lightroom PC //paulstamatiou comments

Plotter Drawings: Five seconds of Donkey Kong //michaelfogleman comments

Running BBS Door Games on Windows 10 with GameSrv and DOSBox //hanselman comments


What's the recommended method of adding authentication to a REST API? //ycombinator

Is big-endian dead? //ycombinator


LuLu: An open-source macOS firewall that blocks unknown outgoing connections //objective-see comments

Waze Carpool //waze comments

Self-generated custom art for your home or Airbnb //eliotand comments

Hetzner Cloud //hetzner comments

Relativ – A VR headset that you can build yourself for $100 //github comments

RetroClip – Instant Replay for Your Mac //realartists comments

Fuze for Nintendo Switch: An easy-to-learn text-based programming language //fuze comments

Paper Programs – Run JavaScript on pieces of paper //paperprograms comments

Year in Pixels //glitch comments

Low cost CO₂ monitoring (your office) with Prometheus and Go //github comments


ActivityPub: decentralized social networking protocol //w3 comments

Guide to JavaScript Frameworks //javascriptreport comments

JS things I didn’t know existed //ghost comments

How I review code //engineering comments

Ethereum programming for web developers //happyfuncorp comments

Hyperfine – a command-line benchmarking tool //github comments


Facebook open-sources Detectron //fb comments

Linear regression by hand //dsgazette comments

Bistro – A light-weight column-oriented data processing engine //github comments


Training Your Brain So That You Don’t Need Reading Glasses //nytimes comments

List of oldest companies: Before 1300 //wikipedia comments

Why is only half of Mars magnetized? //planetary comments

Transputer //wikipedia comments

Curry spice turmeric boosts memory by nearly 30%, eases depression, study finds //els-cdn comments


Ursula Le Guin has died //nytimes comments

Programming Notes for Professionals books //goalkicker comments

More Things I Wish I’d Known About Bash //zwischenzugs comments

I Was a Bank Robber Until I Read Kant //thewalrus comments

Dr. Seuss’ arms race allegory //dailyfig comments

Cooking the Books: Optimizing Purchase and Use of Ingredients //jasmcole comments


Ted Nelson on What Modern Programmers Can Learn from the Past //ieee comments

What happens when you strap a camera to the bottom of a plane //vimeo comments


People leave managers, not companies //intercom comments

Why I left Google to join Grab //medium comments

In-N-Out managers earn triple the industry average //californiasun comments

German Union Steps Up Fight for ‘Modern’ 28-Hour Workweek //industryweek comments

I am a roboticist in a cheese factory //scientificamerican comments


Intel Has a Big Problem //bloomberg comments

Surviving 75 hours alone in the ocean //outsideonline comments

The Rise of German Board Games //theatlantic comments


2D multiplayer battle royale game //surviv comments

Triangulart – Isometric graphic editor, like pixel art with triangles //github comments

The 10,000 Year Clock //longnow comments

1912 C-T 4WD Electric Truck //bringatrailer comments

Atari Tempest: Dave Theurer’s Masterpiece //arcadeblogger comments

The city I write this in protected its name, so I am not allowed to use it //r3bl comments

Branchless Doom //github comments

PonziCoin, a transparent, decentralized Ponzi Scheme you can trust //ponzicoin comments


Learn FFmpeg the hard way //github comments

Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone //nytimes comments

Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders //scientificamerican comments

Going Global with Your Startup //ycombinator comments

Craft Beer Is the Strangest, Happiest Economic Story in America //theatlantic comments

Lyft says nearly 250K of its passengers ditched a personal car in 2017 //techcrunch comments

How PayPal Shares Your Data //rebecca-ricks comments

OpenWrt in a WiFi card reader //livejournal comments

Coinbase booked $1B in revenue last year, has told hovering VCs to back off //recode comments

“This Is Serious”: Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral //vanityfair comments

Google, please don't kill the blogs //typepad comments

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