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Google Workers Urge C.E.O. To Pull Out of Pentagon A.I. Project //nytimes comments

Productivity //samaltman comments

I wandered off and built an IDE //querystorm comments

The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user //jameshfisher comments

Color: From Hex codes to Eyeballs //jamie-wong comments

The Mathematics of 2048: Optimal Play with Markov Decision Processes //jdlm comments

Building a Text Editor for a Digital-First Newsroom //nytimes comments

A List of Chrome DevTools Tips and Tricks //flaviocopes comments

The Facebook Current //stratechery comments


How to self-learn electronics? //ycombinator

Are there any reasonable alternatives to MacBook Pro for developer? //ycombinator

Do you have the courage to abandon your high paying job? //ycombinator


Wey – A fast, open-source Slack desktop app //github comments

FreedomBox //freedombox comments

Hello: A new social network founded by Orkut's creator //orkut comments

Visualizing disk IO activity using log-scale banded graphs //bvckup2 comments

Phoenix 2.6 – a macOS window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript //github comments

Jsonstore.io – Store your data for free without signing up //jsonstore comments

Turn Touch wooden smart home remote now shipping //turntouch comments

Peepeth: Unstoppable Microblogging //peepeth comments

Facebook data analyzer //github comments

Vial-Http – Simple HTTP REST Tool for Vim //github comments


A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind [pdf] //berkeley comments

The joy of index cards //nickpage comments

Bret Victor: Redesigns Classic Strogatz Paper //worrydream comments


TextQL: Execute SQL Against CSV or TSV //github comments

System Shock 1 source code released under GPL //github comments

Sneak Peek at WebAssembly Studio //mozilla comments

List of command line tools for manipulating CSV, XML, HTML, JSON, INI, etc. //github comments

Examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018 //freecodecamp comments

We saved $50k/year with a Go microservice coded in a hackathon //movio comments

Qusim.py – A toy multi-qubit quantum computer simulator written in Python //github comments

We'll pay you $3000/mo to build your startup on Dark //darklang comments

New features from the last few versions of Git //github comments

Crayon programming language //crayonlang comments


Apple Hires Google’s A.I. Chief //nytimes comments

AI Grant – Get $2,500 for your AI project in minutes //ycombinator comments

Protecting GDPR Personal Data with Pseudonymization //elastic comments


Nikon versus Canon: A Story of Technology Change //learningbyshipping comments

CSS Sans – A font created in CSS //yusugomori comments

Evolution of the English Alphabet //usefulcharts comments

Design Systems Repo - A collection of design system examples/resources //designsystemsrepo comments


Planets evenly spaced on log scale //johndcook comments

Why Whales Got So Big //theatlantic comments

Great Vowel Shift //wikipedia comments

Molyneux's problem //wikipedia comments

Dunbar's Number //wikipedia comments

What makes a tree a tree? //knowablemagazine comments

Jevons paradox //wikipedia comments


Go-internals: Chapter 2, “Interfaces” released //github comments

A Virtual Machine //craftinginterpreters comments

The World After Capital //worldaftercapital comments

Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy – A Developer's Guide //novelbits comments

The Barlow Knife //edge comments


The Moon in 4k resolution //nasa comments

Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera //youtube comments

Designing, folding, and flying the finest paper airplanes //wired comments


Form a California LLC in 10 minutes for $70 //bookandledger comments

My experience with off-shoring teams and what went wrong //co comments

How I Find Six Figure Remote Software Developer Jobs //fullbit comments


Don't give away historic details about yourself //krebsonsecurity comments

Web Authentication: Proposed API for accessing Public Key Credentials //w3 comments

PowerHammer: Exfiltrating Data from Air-Gapped Computers Through Power Lines //arxiv comments


Hacking a $30 IoT camera to do more than it’s worth //hackernoon comments

The NES Homebrew Scene //tedium comments

Original Windows File Manager with enhancements //github comments

Encoding data into dubstep drops //benjojo comments


AV1: A new general-purpose video codec //xiph comments

Fuchsia is not Linux //googlesource comments

Why Does “=” Mean Assignment? //hillelwayne comments

Android container in Chrome OS //googlesource comments

Apple is making a show based on Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ books //techcrunch comments

How kids in a low-income country use laptops: lessons from Madagascar //theconversation comments

The Stack Overflow Age //joelonsoftware comments

Weirdstuff Warehouse is closed //weirdstuff comments

Haxing Minesweeper //osandamalith comments

Friendica – A Decentralized Social Network //friendi comments

I wanted better offline music on the iPhone, so I made Doppler //brushedtype comments

Using Moiré Patterns to Guide Ships //hackaday comments

If iPads were meant for kids //davedelong comments

Glyph – Static Site Generator Powered by GitHub Issues and Pages //github comments

People Who Have “Too Many Interests” More Likely to Be Successful //medium comments

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