Issue #401 // May 04, 2018

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Make your own sourdough //github comments

Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming – It’s Time for That to Change //stackoverflow comments

Two Koreas Agree to End War This Year, Pursue Denuclearization //bloomberg comments

Stripe Atlas for LLCs //stripe comments

Is there a fix for impostor syndrome? //acm comments

Pocket Casts acquired by NPR //npr comments

TIC-80, a fantasy computer to learn programming //tic comments

A Mass of Copyrighted Works Will Soon Enter the Public Domain //theatlantic comments

9,096 Stars in the Sky – Is That All? //skyandtelescope comments

Don't Get Your Coworker to Agree with You //workaguide comments

GDPR made searchable by Algolia //algolia comments

Want to Improve Efficiency? Stop Doing Low-Value Work //medium comments


My startup has basically failed. What now? //ycombinator

Anyone making money through algorithmic trading? //ycombinator

Has anyone switched from being a night owl to being a morning person? //ycombinator


I've spent the last two years building a new email client //ivelope comments

Proton Native – React Native for the desktop //js comments

ReLaXed – High-quality PDFs using web technologies //github comments

Stack Overflow for Teams //stackoverflow comments

A free, lightweight static page to get stock quotes using the IEX API //github comments

FPGA Ultrasound Imaging on a Raspberry Pi //un0rick comments

LayerJS – A simple UI composition and navigation library //layerjs comments

JSON storage bins with schema validation //npoint comments


GTA V – Graphics Study //adriancourreges comments

The Shirky Principle //kk comments

Slow ideas //newyorker comments


Python startup time: milliseconds matter //python comments

Python Environment //xkcd comments

PicoLisp //picolisp comments

A fast, hopefully accurate, fuzzy matching library written in Go //github comments

Netflix Blog: Tips for High Availability //medium comments

Ruby’s Rack Push: Decoupling the real-time web application from the web //bowild comments


Lobe – Deep Learning Made Simple //lobe comments

Swift for TensorFlow Design Overview //github comments

Skor – Drop-in microservice to get Postgres changes as JSON webhooks //github comments


A Cartography Nerd's Guide to Custom Map-Making //ideo comments

Painting made out of CSS rules //diana-adrianne comments

Photographing glass: Lighting techniques for transparent glass objects //cmog comments


Illegal prime //wikipedia comments

Finding the longest straight line you could sail without hitting land //technologyreview comments

Why people have trouble reading neutral faces //nytimes comments

Cross Chess //wikipedia comments


Competitive Programmer's Handbook [pdf] //cses comments

Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman [pdf] //gnu comments

MIT lecturer Ana Bell discusses books to learn CS and programming //fivebooks comments

A Brilliant 1895 Novel on the Emptiness of Literary Fame //newyorker comments


The life cycle of HIV in 3D //scientificamerican comments

New Shepard's 8th test flight //blueorigin comments

Hosting Jupyter Notebooks for 100k Users //youtube comments

John Free: Ten Year Photo Essay //youtube comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Interview with CTO and Co-founder of Zapier on Working with Remote Engineers //youteam comments

Getting Laid Off in Tech: The Myth of Upper Middle Class Security //hackernoon comments

Ask HN: Why are big companies so much less efficient? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator


Detroit Was Crumbling, Now It's Reviving //nytimes comments

Rural Kansas is dying //newfoodeconomy comments


A puzzle that tiles infinitely across both sides, based on the Klein Bottle //n-e-r-v-o-u-s comments

XKCD on Docker //xkcd comments

Drawing with boids //github comments

Git vanity-sha: vanity hex prefixes for your commit SHAs //github comments


StreetLend.com shuts down, citing GDPR regulations //streetlend comments

Stripe to donate $1M to California Yimby //nytimes comments

Medium tries to prevent people reading deleted articles on the Wayback Machine? //selectedintelligence comments

Fake it till you make it: the wolves of Instagram //theguardian comments

Google Maps Platform //google comments

I switched from iPhone to the Pixel 2: One-week report //dogsnog comments

Top Checklists on HN //algolia comments

Don’t buy the MacBook Pros even on sale, in my opinion //theoutline comments

Designing a 'Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer' from Diamond Age //medium comments

Backblaze's Hard Drive Stats for Q1 2018 //backblaze comments

GDPR compliance checklist //gdprchecklist comments

Sourdough Starters, Recipes, and Baker's Handbook //sourdo comments

C64 Keyboard Prototype //breadbox64 comments

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