Issue #402 // May 11, 2018

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Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming //byorgey comments

Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real World Tasks Over the Phone //googleblog comments

Please Stop Using Adblock (But Not Why You Think) //medium comments

Subscription Hell //techcrunch comments

You can now run Linux apps on Chrome OS //techcrunch comments

Taskwarrior, where have you been all my life? //djy comments

“Manager READMEs” from some tech companies //hackernoon comments

Thermal Paper Polaroid //mitxela comments

Tech’s Two Philosophies //stratechery comments

Write Emails Faster with Smart Compose in Gmail //blog comments


How do you continuously monitor web logs for hack attempts? //ycombinator

What are your favorite terminal programs? //ycombinator

Any good collaboratively built documentation on good parenting? //ycombinator


How to Tune a Guitar //github comments

Oculus Go //oculus comments

Excel Adds JavaScript and Power BI Support //office comments

~200 byte in-browser, no JS, private notepad //github comments


Akin's Laws of Spacecraft Design //umd comments

A Short Introduction to the Art of Programming [pdf] //utexas comments

Why Men Love War //esquire comments


Gitea: Open source, self-hosted GitHub alternative //gitea comments

Moving Fast and Securing Things //slack comments

Glom – Restructured Data for Python //sedimental comments

Mara: A lightweight ETL framework, halfway between plain scripts and Airflow //github comments

Learn GraphQL by querying JSON //graphql comments


Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders, Part 2 //fast comments

CS109 Data Science //github comments

Offline Object Detection and Tracking on a Raspberry Pi //medium comments


Fonts for Complex Data //typography comments

Design for an Audience //style comments

Hadron. A tool that makes design with code visual and easy //medium comments

Making More with Material //design comments

Draftss – Graphic design services on subscription model //draftss comments


Seaweed in Cow Feed Reduces Methane Emissions Almost Entirely //foodtank comments

List of screw drives //wikipedia comments

Concorde ‘B’ //heritageconcorde comments

The extraordinary life and death of the world’s oldest known spider //washingtonpost comments

Mecanum wheel //wikipedia comments


The Economics of Writing a Technical Book //medium comments

Ask HN: Books you should have read when you start a career in SE / CS? //ycombinator

Humble Book Bundle: DevOps by Packt //humblebundle comments

The First Medical Book Printed in the New World //nih comments


Working Lego pinball machine built from 15,000 bricks //brothers-brick comments

DeepMind: From Generative Models to Generative Agents //youtube comments

Google I/O'18: Keynote Livestream //youtube comments


The rise of the pointless job //theguardian comments

Canada facing ‘brain drain’ as tech talent leaves for Silicon Valley //theglobeandmail comments

Young Chinese are sick of working long hours //bbc comments

Three-day no-meeting schedule for engineers //medium comments


The United States of Japan //newyorker comments

I was a corporate restaurant consultant //vice comments

Why an expert in counterterrorism became a beat cop //newyorker comments


The Kruskal Count Card Trick //uml comments

The Cutting Room Floor: Unearthing Unused Content from Video Games //tcrf comments

An Atari Breakout Clone in an Observable Notebook //observablehq comments


Facebook announces Clear History feature //facebook comments

Firefox 60 released //mozilla comments

Android P //blog comments

Surviving Your 40s //nytimes comments

Our Approach to Employee Security Training //pagerduty comments

A mistake about manufacturing costing Americans millions of jobs //qz comments

How to send local files to Chromecast with Python //rinzewind comments

Are interruptions worse for programmers than for other knowledge workers? //dev comments

Sidepact: start a company with a full-time job //sidepact comments

How to accelerate revenue for SaaS startups //plainflow comments

Tugboat – A fully working website for every pull request //tugboat comments

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