Issue #403 // May 18, 2018

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Google YOLO clickjacking //innerht comments

John Carmack: My Steve Jobs Stories //facebook comments

GDPR will pop the adtech bubble //harvard comments

Ubuntu 18.04: Unity is gone, Gnome is back, and Ubuntu has never been better //arstechnica comments

The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now //nytimes comments

Low Level Bit Hacks You Absolutely Must Know //catonmat comments

Statistics, Fast and Slow //timharford comments

Batch editing files with ed //jvns comments

Earning Your Stripes: An Interview with Patrick Collison //fs comments

A look back: The Bloomberg Keyboard //bloomberg comments


How do I learn math/physics in my thirties? //ycombinator

Amazon software engineers, how is the work culture now? //ycombinator

Advice to your younger self //ycombinator


Completely Silent Computer //tp69 comments

A CLI game to learn Vim //ostechnix comments

Asciinema – Record and share your terminal sessions //asciinema comments

Introducing Surface Hub 2 //microsoft comments

Strimpack – roll your own livestreaming portal, chat, subs, and forum //github comments

Noteplan – Markdown Calendar, Todos, and Notes //noteplan comments

I built an open source event-management system //github comments

A Native Art Gallery for the Mac //archagon comments

How to get your personal data from apps you use //mydatarequest comments


A Plane That Accidentally Circumnavigated the World //medium comments

The Construction of a Yurt //pbm comments


Safe ways to do things in bash //github comments

Pyre: Fast Type Checking for Python //facebook comments

Algorithms Behind Modern Storage Systems //acm comments

Build your own X: project-based programming tutorials //github comments

Shell Style Guide //github comments

A pure JavaScript implementation of Git for Node and browsers //github comments

How to start a Go project in 2018 //boyter comments


Make front end sh!t again //makefrontendshitagain comments

ClassicKit – A collection of UI components for iOS influenced by Windows 95 //github comments

Airbnb's new typeface //airbnb comments


The fifth hyperfactorial: 5⁵×4⁴×3³×2²×1¹=86400000 milliseconds is exactly 1 day //twitter comments

Nasa will send helicopter to Mars to test otherworldly flight //bbc comments

Chess boxing //wikipedia comments

Münchhausen trilemma //wikipedia comments

Operation Ivy Bells //wikipedia comments

Arecibo message //wikipedia comments


Ask HN: Which books have made you introspect? //ycombinator

Tom Wolfe Has Died //nytimes comments

Beautiful Racket //beautifulracket comments


Steve Jobs at MIT Sloan School of Management //youtube comments

Getting some air, Atlas? //youtube comments

SpaceX's plan to fly you across the globe in 30 minutes //youtube comments


Study Shows a Productivity Boost of Working From Home //inc comments

Ask HN: How to become a remote contractor? //ycombinator

“But didn't you write an embedded OS?” //tnhh comments

Interviews vs. auditions //ryanholiday comments

A female engineer's opinion on why there are fewer women in tech //kapwing comments


Amazon’s Fake Review Economy //buzzfeed comments

Has wine gone bad? //theguardian comments

The Billion-Dollar Bank Job //nytimes comments


Necto – ISP Starter Kit //ycombinator comments

Japan's most valuable startup aims to teach factory robots to think //bloomberg comments

Fieldbook is shutting down //medium comments


The Curious Expedition – A Steam game in HTML5 //curious-expedition comments

Man Allegedly Used Change of Address Form to Move UPS Headquarters //npr comments

Warriorjs – An exciting game of programming and artificial intelligence //github comments

Flopstarter: a platform for bad ideas //flopstarter comments

Tiny Trains: Neat Narrow-Gauge Rail Connects German Island to Mainland //weburbanist comments

A giant 360 LED clock //mathieupassenaud comments


Why does deep and cheap learning work so well? //arxiv comments

Linux sandboxing improvements in Firefox 60 //morbo comments

Laws of Tech Economics: Commoditize Your Complement //gwern comments

College May Not Be Worth It Anymore //nytimes comments

Core Erlang by Example //erlang comments

GDPR: Removing Monal from the EU //monal comments

Lyme Disease Is on the Rise Again //npr comments

Apartment baiting with Facebook Ads //medium comments

Why founders need hobbies //baremetrics comments

Publishing JSON-LD for Developers //datalanguage comments

Deep Dive: New Bookmark Sync in Firefox Nightly //mozilla comments

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