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GitLab Web IDE //gitlab comments

Certificates for localhost //letsencrypt comments

How I use Wireshark //jvns comments

I discovered a browser bug //jakearchibald comments

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning – Part II //r2d3 comments

Messi Walks Better Than Most Players Run //fivethirtyeight comments

AT&T, Time Warner, and the Need for Neutrality //stratechery comments

How Firefox is using Pocket to try to build a better news feed than Facebook //theverge comments

The “Facebook Nevers” //500ish comments

The Scooter Economy //stratechery comments


Tell HN: I miss the old internet //ycombinator

What is the first thing you implement at a new company? //ycombinator


Open Logos – Free logos for open source projects //openlogos comments

Why Do I Procrastinate? – Web MD for Procrastination //whydoiprocrastinate comments

Transfer.sh – File sharing from the command line //transfer comments

App Maker, Google’s low-code tool for building business apps, comes out of beta //techcrunch comments

Posthook – Job Scheduling as a Service //posthook comments

Strapdown.js – Instant and elegant Markdown documents //strapdownjs comments


Forgotten Employee //google comments

Another World //filfre comments


YAML: probably not so great after all //arp242 comments

React Native at Airbnb //medium comments

Pulumi – A new open-source cloud development platform //joeduffyblog comments

ActorDB – Distributed SQL database //github comments

How to GraphQL – A Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL //howtographql comments

Demand for Ruby on Rails is Still Huge //medium comments

Common Mistakes for New Golang Devs //cloudimmunity comments


Machine Learning: The High Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt //ai comments

Neural scene representation and rendering //deepmind comments

DensePose – Dense Human Pose Estimation in the Wild //github comments

ML5js: Friendly machine learning for the web //ml5js comments

Improving Deep Learning Performance with AutoAugment //googleblog comments


The Garden of Earthly Delights by Jheronimus Bosch //ntr comments

Make. It. Simple. Linux Desktop Usability //medium comments

Design Tip: Never Use Black //ianstormtaylor comments

The Art of Fooling the Eye //resobscura comments


Fibonacci Hashing: The Optimization That the World Forgot //probablydance comments

Goodhart's Law: When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure //wikipedia comments

List of common misconceptions //wikipedia comments

Kola Superdeep Borehole //wikipedia comments

The dark story behind Stalin’s popular photo with a Soviet girl //rbth comments


MIT Career Development Handbook [pdf] //mit comments

Functional Data Structures //uwaterloo comments

Breaking Up with James Joyce //sydneyreviewofbooks comments

Humble Book Bundle: Programmable Boards by Make //humblebundle comments


Macintosh Startup Sound History //youtube comments

Companies die when they run out of creative people //youtube comments

Boston Dynamics Shows Latest Advancements in Robotics at CEBIT 2018 //youtube comments


Twitter ‘smytes’ customers //techcrunch comments

Behind the Tech with John Carmack: 5k Immersive Video //oculus comments

Tell HN: We're bringing back the “Work at a Startup” event on Saturday July 28 //ycombinator comments


Diablo devolved – magic behind the 1996 computer game //github comments

World Airports Voronoi //jasondavies comments

What do Unix command names stand for? //unixguide comments

Yagol, a Game of Life sandbox built with React.js //github comments


Canada legalises recreational cannabis use //bbc comments

Habits of Highly Miserable People //alternet comments

Eight hours a night isn’t enough, according to a leading sleep scientist //qz comments

Keybase Exploding Messages //keybase comments

Apple sets up iPhones to relay location for 911 calls //wpri comments

Luxury hotels are being inundated with requests from self-described influencers //theatlantic comments

Facebook ordered to explain deleted profile //bbc comments

A Beginner's Guide to Firewalling with pf //srobb comments

A Performance Cheat Sheet for PostgreSQL //severalnines comments

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