Issue #410 // July 13, 2018

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“I'm basically giving myself a permanent vacation from being BDFL” //python comments

Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar //segment comments

Founder to CEO: How to build a great company from the ground up //google comments

The open-plan office is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea //signalvnoise comments

Draw This: a polaroid camera that draws cartoons //danmacnish comments

Advice //patrickcollison comments

Solving Rush Hour, the 6x6 Sliding Block Puzzle //michaelfogleman comments

Version Control Before Git with CVS //twobithistory comments

Interrobang //99percentinvisible comments


As a team lead how to handle project going off the rails? //ycombinator

I’m Peter Roberts, immigration attorney who does work for YC and startups. AMA //ycombinator


Browsh – A modern, text-based browser //brow comments

MacBook Pro with faster performance and new features for pros //apple comments

Termtosvg – Record terminal sessions as SVG animations //github comments

Unified access to the best community-driven cheat sheets repositories //github comments

Firefox Lockbox //firefox comments

Markdown New Tab – A new tab replacement to jot down notes in Markdown //github comments

Kialo – a platform for rational debate //kialo comments

An app that reads Wikipedia to teach you about cities you’re driving through //theverge comments

Gurn – Use words, not bookmarks //gurn comments


WebSub: Open protocol for distributed pub–sub communication on the internet //w3 comments

Lessons learned scraping 100B product pages //scrapinghub comments

PythonRobotics: Python sample codes for robotics algorithms //github comments

The BeOS file system, an OS geek retrospective //arstechnica comments

Chrome developer tools to master //apsdehal comments


The rise of 'pseudo-AI': how tech firms quietly use humans to do bots' work //theguardian comments

Use of AI in the fashion industry //nytimes comments

Seedbank – Collection of Interactive Machine Learning Examples //google comments

Foundations Machine Learning //github comments

Snark AI – Distributed Low-Cost GPUs for Deep Learning //ycombinator comments


Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design //brutalist-web comments

Is timeless UI design a thing? //imaginarycloud comments

Designing Google Maps for Motorbikes //design comments

Hawaiian Style: The Roots of the Aloha Shirt //collectorsweekly comments


Impossible color //wikipedia comments

52-hertz whale //wikipedia comments

Random Points on a Sphere //johncarlosbaez comments


Ask HN: What are your favorite statistics and probability textbooks? //ycombinator

Nancy Pearl’s Rule of 50 for dropping a bad book //theglobeandmail comments

Causal Inference Book //harvard comments

Ask HN: 2018 Summer Reading List? //ycombinator


Where grep came from //youtube comments

Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide //youtube comments


Employers will do almost anything to find workers except pay them more //latimes comments

Hacker News job trends //github comments


Having Alzheimer’s at 38 //macleans comments

The Fred Rogers We Know //hazlitt comments

The Rogue World of New York’s Major Trash Haulers //propublica comments

The China Ship //scmp comments


The San Franciso Fire Department makes its own wooden ladders by hand //gizmodo comments

Man Spends 23 Years Carving Sprawling Underground Temple Under His House //odditycentral comments

Jane Street Puzzles //janestreet comments

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