Issue #412 // July 27, 2018

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Slack and Atlassian Team Up to Take on Microsoft in Chat Software //bloomberg comments

Machine Learning Guides //google comments

Facebook stock drops more than 20% after revenue forecast misses //marketwatch comments

The secret call to Andy Grove that may have helped Apple buy NeXT //cake comments

San Francisco's zoning makes it illegal to build apartments in 73.5% of the city //deapthoughts comments

Xv6, a simple Unix-like teaching operating system //mit comments

The Allure of Small Towns for Big City Freelancers //slate comments

What tech stacks are indie hackers using for their apps, and why? //indiehackers comments

IP addresses and routing //jvns comments

YC Startup School Library //startupschool comments

What to do with too much advice //ycombinator comments


Got a CS degree, but I’m unable to be programmer. What can I do? //ycombinator

Any good examples of learning through games/puzzles, for adults? //ycombinator

How do you organize/track your personal goals? //ycombinator


Zotero: An open-source tool to help collect, organize, cite, and share research //zotero comments

Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser //falstad comments

Stripe Issuing – An API for creating physical and virtual cards //stripe comments

Kanban for E-Mail //kanbanmail comments

Looking Glass – A new type of holographic interface //feld comments

Open source non-linear notepad app //getmicropad comments

Compare benefits of second passport based on the one you have //multinational comments


Ndb – An improved debugging experience for Node.js //github comments

Devhints: A collection of developer cheatsheets //devhints comments

Optic – Automate Routine Programming //ycombinator comments

Prose: a Golang library for text processing //github comments

The Data Transfer Project //github comments


Autopsy of a deep learning paper //piekniewski comments

Google AI Chief Jeff Dean’s ML System Architecture Blueprint //medium comments

Facebook AI Research Expands with New Academic Collaborations //fb comments


Layoutit – An interactive CSS Grid generator //layoutit comments

CSS Scan – Instantly check or copy computed CSS from any element //github comments


Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life //siberiantimes comments

Teach Yourself Computer Science //teachyourselfcs comments

Classic Algorithms Implemented in JavaScript //github comments

Riving, a Viking-age woodworking technique //hurstwic comments

Phoebus cartel //wikipedia comments

The Hunt for Earth’s Deep Hidden Oceans //quantamagazine comments

Street dogs in Moscow learn to ride the subway //wikipedia comments


The Best Textbooks on Every Subject //lesswrong comments

YC’s 2018 Summer Reading List //ycombinator comments

Competitive Programmer's Handbook [pdf] //cses comments

The Book Is a Time Machine //publicbooks comments

The Site Reliability Workbook: Practical Ways to Implement SRE [pdf] //google comments


Go: building on the shoulders of giants and stepping on a few toes //youtube comments

1911 – A trip through New York with sound //youtube comments

P-51 Engine Out, Off-Airport Landing – Full Analysis //youtube comments


How work kills us //economist comments

Millions of educated, experienced workers are tossed aside by a strong economy //washingtonpost comments

A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result //nytimes comments


How to beat LinkedIn: The Game //theoutline comments

Rockstar: A programming language where programs are also song lyrics //github comments

Georgia Has a Coast? //bittersoutherner comments

Interactive demos on network theory, game theory, trust etc //ncase comments

Web DSP audio editor //dsp comments


BPG Image format //bellard comments

Google Cloud Global Loadbalancer Outage //google comments

Into the Borg – SSRF inside Google production network //opnsec comments

A used voting machine from the 2016 election //twitter comments

How the Car Keeps Americans Apart //citylab comments

Percy – A Rust and WebAssembly isomorphic virtual DOM implementation //github comments

Solar and wind are coming. And the power sector isn’t ready //vox comments

15 Years of SparkFun //sparkfun comments

Mozilla to Remove Support for Built-In Feed Reader from Firefox //bleepingcomputer comments

Ansible Kernel – Run Ansible Tasks and Plays with Jupyter Notebook //github comments

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