Issue #417 // August 31, 2018

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Remote Code Execution on a Facebook server //scrt comments

Changing Our Approach to Anti-Tracking //mozilla comments

CLI: Improved //remysharp comments

LEGO built a life size, drivable Bugatti from over a million Technic pieces //techcrunch comments

The Future of Notebooks: Lessons from JupyterCon //willcrichton comments

What Was the Microsoft Network? //codersnotes comments

Writing Documentation When You Aren't a Technical Writer – Part Two //stoplight comments

Why Love Generative Art? //artnome comments

A spreadsheet of the businesses I've started over the past 15 years //twitter comments

How to print an electric motor //ieee comments

Startups that launched at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 2 //techcrunch comments

Introducing Project Paper Cuts //github comments


Have you built a house? //ycombinator

What do you struggle with? //ycombinator


Pandoc //pandoc comments

NYC Mesh – community-owned network to replace your current internet connection //nycmesh comments

Write – A word processor for handwriting //styluslabs comments

WireGuard VPN review //arstechnica comments

Google, but for colors //picular comments

CodeSandbox //codesandbox comments

LyX: combine the power of LaTeX with the ease of use of a GUI //lyx comments

Ledger-analytics – Analytics for ledger-cli //github comments

I'm 12, learning JS, and wrote Wolfram's cellular automaton in Node //bitbucket comments


Go 2 Draft Designs //googlesource comments

A Road to Common Lisp //stevelosh comments

LiteTree: SQLite with Branches //github comments

Lobste.rs //github comments

The Elm Architecture //elm-lang comments

A deep dive into the Go memory allocator and garbage collector //sourcegraph comments


Google’s Jeff Dean’s undergrad senior thesis on neural networks [pdf] //google comments

Python Pandas: Tricks and Features //realpython comments


Set Theory and Algebra in CS: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling [pdf] //semanticscholar comments

Long-sought decay of Higgs boson observed at CERN //home comments

A satellite engineer explains the basics of space electronics //snapeda comments

Pseudo-bandlimited pixel art filtering in 3D: A mathematical derivation //themaister comments

Beyond the pixel plane: sensing and learning in 3D //thegradient comments

Shavian alphabet //wikipedia comments


Agner Fog //agner comments

CrypTool Book //cryptool comments

The Node Handbook //nodehandbook comments

Humble Book Bundle: Machine Learning by O'Reilly //humblebundle comments


Lego Axle Sorter //youtube comments

How to Succeed with a Startup //ycombinator comments

What does genius look like in math? Where does it come? Dandelin spheres //youtube comments

MIT 6.875 – Cryptography and Cryptanalysis //youtube comments

Tengen: Atari Games vs. Nintendo //youtube comments


Bullsh!t Jobs (Part 1 of ∞) //slatestarcodex comments

Tech workers say poor leadership is number one cause for burnout //teamblind comments

Remote jobs for people with disabilities //jobenabler comments

Office Life Is Destroying Your Butt //melmagazine comments

The Peter Principle is a joke taken seriously. Is it true? //timharford comments

For $450, a Japanese Company Will Quit Your Job for You //npr comments


The Bitter Regrets of a Useless Chinese Daughter //nytimes comments

Crying in H Mart //newyorker comments


We Spent $3.3M Buying Out Investors: Why and How We Did It //buffer comments

Staying Public //tesla comments

Eventbrite S-1 //sec comments

SurveyMonkey S-1 //sec comments


Be kind //briangilham comments

WideNES – Peeking Past the Edge of NES Games //prilik comments

Rave.dj – an artificially intelligent mash-up machine //rave comments

CivJS: A JavaScript 4X Game //github comments

The Berklee College of Music Sampling Archive //laptop comments


Bye bye BetterSlack //g3rv4 comments

Black Design – Design tools for early stage startup founders //black comments

A majority of US teens are taking steps to limit smartphone and social media use //techcrunch comments

I'm Wil Wheaton. I Live with Chronic Depression and Anxiety. I Am Not Ashamed //medium comments

Norway's Plan for a Fleet of Electric Planes //bbc comments

Very Good Security //a16z comments

Paradise Lost: How Tourists Are Destroying the Places They Love //spiegel comments

Create a restaurant website in one click //menupit comments

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